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reading skill

There are many reading skills that will help you comprehend the text you are reading.
A.  Getting Specific Information
·        Informasi tertentu diperoleh dengan cara melihat sekilas (scanning) karena informasi tersebut tertera jelas dalam teks.
·        Informasi tertentu biasanya merupakan jawaban tentang siapa, dimana, kapan
Getting Specific Information from the text
In a football game, some people do not play the game. They have important roles
in a football game. They are the coach, the referee, the linesmen, and the spectators.
The coach trains the players how to play the game. The referee controls the game. He
blows the whistle …..

The questions:

Who controls the game?
The people who have important roles in a football game are ...
The answer:
The referee
They are the coach, the referee, the linesmen, and the spectators

B.   General Information
The core of the passage, topic, topic other paragraph.
Biasanya menanyakan judul dari teks bacaan atau tentang apa (topik) teks bacaan.
Contoh teks
It’s like a zoo but the animals are not caged. Giraffes, monkeys, hippos, even lions  and tigers wander around freely. Perhaps you may think , what if these animals attack? No, they won’t.
Because, you look at them from inside your car or bus. Here, it is the other way around. At the zoo, the animals are locked in the cage. At the Safari Park you are the ones locked inside your vehicle.
The question:
(Finding General Information)
The question:
What does the paragraph mostly talk about?
The Answer:
The Safari Park

C.   Main Idea (Explicit Main Idea)
·        Keterangan, penjelasan, atau pendapat penulis tentang topik subjek penulisan (yang menjadi topik utama penulisan).
·        Explicit Main Idea merupakan kalimat utama (topic sentence) dari suatu teks bacaan atau paragraph.
·        Biasanya merupakan sebuah kalimat atau pernyataan lengkap yang terletak di awal, di tengah, atau di akhir dari suatu teks.
Contoh: Text with Explicit Main Idea
Bicycles are very popular today in many countries. Many people use bicycles for exercise. But exercise is only one reason why bicycles are popular.
Another reason is money. Bicycles are not expensive to buy. They do not need gas to make them go.
They are also easy and cheap to fix. In cities, many people like bicycles better than cars. By bicycles, they never have to wait in traffic. They also do not have to find a place to park. Finally, bicycles do not cause any pollution.
Contoh soal
The Question:
What is the main idea of the first paragraph?
The answer:
Bicycles are very popular today in many countries.

D.   Detailed Information (Informasi Rinci)
Informasi yang tidak tertera secara jelas pada teks bacaan. Untuk memperoleh informasi ini, kita harus membaca secara rinci atau intensif (Intensive Reading) setiap bagian dari suatu teks bacaan.
Contoh teks
Jose and Rian decided to go to a film theatre to relax.They were very tired after finishing their  exams. They chose to see and adventure film. They didn’t want to seedrama, thriller or home movie. They wanted to forget studying for one night.
So they bought two tickets for a movie called Lord of the Rings. They got in the theatre just time in before the movie started.
Inside the theatre, a tall man sat on a seat in front of them. He put on a tall hat. Jose and and Rian could not see the screen. Jose tapped the man on the shoulder and asked him to remove his hat. When the man turned around to say sorry , they recognized him. He was Mr. Samuel, Jose’s father.
The question for detailed information
Why couldn’t Jose and Rian see the screen?
The answer :
The man sitting in front of them wore a tall hat

E.   Implicit Information
Ø  Informasi yang tidak tertera secara langsung pada teks bacaan.
Ø  Untuk memperoleh informasi ini, kita harus memahami dan menyimpulkan bagian tertentu atau keseluruhan isi teks.
Ø  Reading between the lines

Contoh Teks
Malaysian Local Fruit
·        Only available at certain times of the year
·        Popular                     
Ø  Why eat more local fruit?
·        Fresh
·        Good for all skin type
·        Rich in vitamin
·        Easily available at markets, fruit stalls and supermarkets
·        All year around
·        Cheap
How to serve local fruit?
·          Wash, cut or peel and serve
·          Chill canned fruit
·          Make refreshing fruit juices
·          Make fruit jam
·          Make local delicacies for tea time
The question for implicit information:
What is the purpose of this poster?
The answer:
To encourage more people to eat local fruits

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