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short message

Short message
Santi, our plan to visit our friends who suffer from Merapi erruption is cancelled. The weather is not good to fly. I will let you know later.(Sari)
1.      How do Santi and Sari plan to visit their friends?

a.         By bus
b.         By ship
c.         By train
d.        By  plane
2.      The short message is written to inform about ....
a.         when to go to Merapi
b.         the weather in Merapi
c.         Santi condition in Merapi
d.        the cancellation of the plan
Nola….I just got a bad news. As you know Leni’s father was hospitalized. He passed away last night.Please forward this message to our friends.
3.      What happened to Leni’s father?
a.         Hospitalized.
b.         Passed away.
c.         Got a bad news.
d.        Got a message.
4.      From the text above, we know that Nola is Leni’s....
a.         rival
b.        sister
c.         friend
d.        daughter

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