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Mata Pelajaran        : Bahasa Inggris (C2)
Jenjang                    : SMP/ MTs
Hari/ tanggal            : Rabu, 27 April 2011
Jam                          : 08.00 - 10.00
Paket                        : P 46
Kode                         : C2- ING -Q-03 - 2010/2011

The following text is for question 1.
No chemicals in This Unit

  1. What does the text mean?
A. We are allowed to mix food and chemicals here.
B. We have to add chemical materials on food.
C. We can put chemicals in the store room.
D. We can only put food in the unit.

The following text is for questions
It's a birthday party for
Lucas Karamoy
Come and share the joy
There'll be ice cream and cakes
for every girl and boy
Saturday, June, 10th
2.00 p.m.

At Karamoy house
Deluxe apartment 3`d floor
RSVP: May (022 2352276)

  1. When will the birthday party be held?
A. May 3rd
B. May 22nd
C. June 2nd
D. June I0th

  1. What is the purpose of the text above?
A. To invite people to attend Lucas Karamoy's party.
B. To tell about the food in Lucas Karamoy's party.
C. To inform Lucas Karamoy's birthday.
D. To make people enjoy the party.

For questions 4 to 6, complete this text with suitable words.
A lion is very strong and here are some facts about .... (4) The lion's fur ... (5) to the widest part of their body and they have three different ... (6) They are canine, carnassials, and regular teeth just like humans'.
  1. A. it
B. he
C. her
D. them

  1. A. grew
B. grows
C. grown
D. growing

  1. A. kinds of paws
B. kinds of teeth
C. kind of tooth
D. kind of paw

The following text is for questions 7 to 9.
That Sunday evening I felt very tired after hanging out the whole day with my friends at the mall. As soon as I arrived home, I hung my jacket on a hanger and got ready to take a rest. Suddenly I remembered that I had to call a friend. I looked for my cell phone everywhere but couldn't find it. I was getting panicky. I asked everyone in the house whether they knew where my cell phone was but no one knew. Well, I lost it I thought. Then I had an idea. I asked my brother to call my cell phone. To my surprise, I heard it ringing in my jacket. My cell phone was there.

  1. What is the text about?
A. The lost cell phone.
B. My friend's cell phone.
C. Cell phone in the jacket.
D. My brother's cell phone.

  1. How did the writer get his cell phone back?
A. He asked his friend.
B. He called his friends.
C. He put it on a hanger.
D. He found it in his jacket.

  1. From the text, we know that the writer is ... person
A. a careful
B. a cautious
C. a forgetful
D. an attentive

  1. Arrange the following words into a good sentence!
The play ground - is learning - kites - Matthew - to fly - in - today
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
A. 4-2-3-5-6-1-7
B. 4-2-6-3-5-1-7
C. 4-2-5-3-6-1-7
D. 4-2-6-5-3-1-7

  1. Arrange these sentences into a good paragraph!
  1. Then just before we went to the airport we stopped at the Bugis street.
  2. On last day we had lunch on the Orchard road.
  3. On second day we went to the Merlion statue.
  4. Last year my friend and I went to Singapore.
  5. On the first day we went to the universal studio.
  6. There we bought some gifts for friends.
  7. We took. a lot of pictures around the famous statue.
  8. We enjoyed a lot of rides from famous movies.

A. 4-5-3-7-8-2-1-6
B. 4-5-7-3-8-2-1-6
C. 4-5-8-3-7-2-1-6
D. 4-5-2-3-7-8-1-6

The following text is for questions 12 and 13.
Dear Karen,
Congratulations on your appointment as the OSIS chairperson in your school. Do your best. There are a lot of things that you can do to make our school better. I am sure you can manage it. God bless you.
Best wishes,
  1. From the text, we know that ....
A. Renza manages the OSIS well
B. Karen has an appointment with OSIS chairperson
C. Renza congratulates Karen as a new OSIS chairperson
D. Karen and Renza make their school better with OSIS.

  1. The purpose of the text above is to ....
A. make Karen think of her new promotion
B. warn Karen to be careful with her new position
C. congratulate Karen on her success in the examination
D. congratulate Karen on her appointment as the students' chairperson

The following text is for questions 14 to 16.
Antara/Oku Lukmansuah
At least 26 people were confirmed dead as two trains leaving from Jakarta crashed in the Central Java town of Pemalang on Saturday. Witnesses, however, said more passengers might be killed in one of the worst train accidents in the country's history as any passengers remained trapped inside three carriages of the Senja Utama business class train which derailed after an Argobromo Anggrek train hit from behind.
"As of now we have evacuated 26 bodies to a number of hospitals", the Pemalang police chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Sofyan Nugroho told He added evacuation of victims trapped inside the Senja Utama carriages was still underway. Wounded victims were rushed to the Santa Maria Hospital, the Ashari Hospital and the Pemalang Islamic Hospital.
The accident took place around 3 a.m. when the Senja Utama train deliberately stopped to let the executive train overtook the rail road. The business class train was heading for Semarang, the capital of Central Java, while the executive train was bound for the East Java capital of Surabaya.
  1. What is the text about?
A. A train accident.
B. Wounded victims.
C. A town in Central Java.
D. A hospital in Pemalang.

  1. Where did the accident happen?
A. In Jakarta.
B. In Surabaya.
C. In Semarang.
D. In Pemalang.

  1. What is the main idea of paragraph 2?
A. The action to help the victims was still underway.
B. Santa Maria Hospital treated the wounded victims.
C. 26 bodies were evacuated to a number of hospitals.
D. The victims were still trapped inside the Senja Utama carriages.

The following text is for questions 17 to 19.
My favorite toy is a kite. Layang-layang or a kite is a very popular pastime toy in Indonesia. Many people like to play it. There are two distinct types of kites. The first are those which have tails attached to them to balance the kite; and those that will be used for one-on-one dogfights among kite flyers.
Kites for dogfights are popular among boys. They do not have tails attached to them. They are made from light bamboo and waxed paper. The string is the most important part in kites for dogfighting. It must be sharp so it can cut other strings easily. To make such kind of string is not easy. It must be coated with crushed glass. The string is dipped in a solution of crushed glass, which has been boiled with glue, chemicals and dye. The mixture acts as an adherent so the tiny particles of glass will cling to the string. The string is strung out on a small rack to let it dry. This string is used for dogfights.

  1. What makes a kite keep its balance?
A. The bamboo.
B. The string.
C. The paper.
D. The tail.

  1. What is the main idea of the second paragraph?
A. The string for kites for dogfights must be dry.
B. Kites for dogfights don't have tails.
C. The string for the kites are popular.
D. The kites don't have tails.

  1. From the text we know that ....
A. flying a kite is a common activity of Indonesian people
B. fighting kites have tails attached to them
C. the kite strings are made from glass
D. the string for the kites must be dry

The following text is for questions 20 and 21.
Dear Linda,
Hi! I am waiting for the holidays. It will be here in three weeks. My family are planning to go to the Bunaken Island. It is well known for its beautiful sea garden. We are going to see the scenery of the garden. Also, I am going to watch the colorful fish and various types of coral reefs from its surface. We are going to use a special boat for that. If possible I am going to do some diving. Wow! It is going to be an interesting experience.
So how are you? What are you plan for your holidays? Tell me the activities you are going to do. Please write soon. 

Your friend,

  1. What is the writer's plan for holiday?
A. To use a special boat.
B. To write a letter soon.
C. To see the sea garden in Bunaken.
D. To get an interesting experience.

  1. We know from the text that ....
A. Dani can not swim well
B. the holiday will be boring
C. Bunaken is a recreation place
D. Dani and his family were well known

The following text is for questions 22 and 23.
Effective protection for every sensitive and fair skin


effective protection for the skin cell
against premature skin ageing and UV damage
with an innovative UVA-UVB filter system and antioxidant


Its non sticky formula perfecytl
moisturizes the skin
leaving it smooth and supple
Skin compatibility dermatologically proven

  1. People who use this cream want their skin to be ....
A. wrinkled
B. smooth
C. tanned
D. dry

  1. This product is for people with ... skin.
A. dry
B. oily
C. normal
D. sensitive

The following text is for questions 24 to 27.
A long time ago, there lived an old man in the Penanggungan Mountain. His name was Kiai Gede Penanggungan. He had supernatural power. Kiai Gede Penanggungan had a beautiful daughter named Dewi Walangangin who was not married yet. Kiai Gede Penanggungan prayed days and nights for her daughter to have a husband.
One day, a young handsome man came to his place. The name of the man was Jaka Pandelengan. He wanted to be Kiai Gede Penanggungan's student. Kiai Gede agreed to have Jaka as his student with one condition that he would marry her daughter. Jaka Pandelengan and Dewi Walangangin soon got married. Kiai Gede Penanggungan taught Jaka many things.
After several years, now it was time for the couple to live separately from Kiai Gede Penanggungan. They would move to another village. Kiai Gede gave some seeds of pari or paddy to the couple. He asked the couple to plant the seeds. He also warned the couple not to be arrogant when they were rich. He wanted the couple to help poor people. The couple started a new life. They planted the seed. Soon, the seeds grew and became a lot of rice. Now the couple became very rich. The poor neighbours came to the couple to ask for some pari seeds, but the couple refused to help them.
Kiai Gede heard about the couple's bad behavior. Soon he visited the couple. He met them when the couple was working in the field. Kiai Gede talked to the couple. He reminded the couple not to be arrogant, but the couple ignored him. They said nothing to Kiai Gede. Kiai Gede got very angry. Then he said, "You two are like temples. You do not listen to me". Right after he said those words, an incredible thing happened. Slowly, Jaka and Dewi turned into temples. Because the temples stood among the pari, people then named them as Pari Temples.

  1. What did Jaka Pandelengan and his wife do to be rich?
A. Helped poor people.
B. Had a great power.
C. Planted pari seeds.
D. Built a temple.

  1. The couple becomes temples because ....
A. they were rich
B. Kiai Gede said so
C. Kiai Gede liked them
D. they were good people

  1. " ... , an incredible thing happened."
The underlined word means ....
A. untouchable
B. unbelievable
C. common
D. usual

  1. What can we learn from the story?
A. We should live separately from our parents.
B. We have to listen to our parent's advice.
C. We have to prepare a good paddy field.
D. We should refuse other people's help.

The following text is for questions 28 to 30.
Masjid Sultan Suriansyah is a historical mosque. Built 300 years ago, this building is the oldest mosque in South Kalimantan. The mosque is located in the North Kuin Village of Banjarmasin. It was built in the reign of Sultan Suriansyah known as Pangeran Samudera. He was the first Banjarnese King who converted into Islam. This mosque was founded on the bank of the Kuin river, near Kampung Kraton, which was destroyed by the colonial Dutch.
The construction of Masjid Sultan Suriansyah was unique. The roof is layered. It took the Banjar's past architecture before Islam came. Different from any other old mosque in Banjar, the mihrab has its own roof, separated from the main building.

  1. Masjid Sultan Suriansyah was constructed in the era of ....
A. Banjar people.
B. Colonial Dutch.
C. Kalimantan King.
D. Sultan Suriansyah.

  1. What is mainly discussed in the text?
A. A king reign.
B. A palace complex.
C. An Islamic location.
D. A historical mosque.

  1. From the text we know that ....
A. some construction of the mosque takes the local style.
B. the Banjar people burned down the mosque
C. there is nothing special from this mosque
D. the Dutch colonial built the mosque

The following text is for questions 31 and 32.

Dear Fitri,
Don't forget to pick up your sister at the English
course at 05.00 p.m. Mommy is still in the office now. I'll be home soon.
Thank you dear

  1. What is Fitri's mother doing now?
A. Working at the office.
B. Picking up Fitri's sister.
C. Waiting for Fitri at home.
D. Joining the English course.

  1. What is Fitri's mother's purpose to write the message above?
A. Ask Fitri to be home soon.
B. Help Fitri to remember her job.
C. Tell Fitri that she is in the course.
D. Remind Fitri to pick up her sister.

The following text is for questions 33 to 36.

Doctor is a popular job. It takes a great responsibility to work as a doctor. Minor mistakes made by a doctor can bring the lost of a patient. There are a lot of jobs that doctors must do.
They are expected to evaluate symptoms and run a test to determine what is wrong with a patient. If a. doctor does not know off handedly what the diagnosis should be, it is his or her responsibility to do the necessary research.
Notes are kept on each patient to ensure that any medical professional can walk into a room and know what has been done in the past. It is also a way to track the patients' progress during recovery.
Writing prescriptions is a major part of doctors' jobs. They must know how much medicine to prescribe based on the patient's history; they also need to know how two drugs can interact with one another.
A doctor needs to know not only how to treat the current conditions, but also how to advise the patient on how to prevent another occurrence.

  1. What is mainly discussed in the text above?
A. The duties of a doctor.
B. Getting a job as a doctor.
C. Vacancy for a doctor position.
D. The success of being a doctor

  1. Why does a doctor keep a note on their patients?
A. To know how to prescribe certain drugs to the patients.
B. To track the patients' improvements and complaints.
C. To cure the patients' certain illnesses.
D. To ensure the health of the patients.

  1. "It is also a way to track patients' ..... (paragraph 3, line 8)
The synonym of the underlined word is ....
A. to follow
B. to pursue
C. to capture
D. to apprehend

  1. What is the purpose of this text?
A. To practice the doctor's job.
B. To explain the doctor's profession.
C. To educate the doctors in their job.
D. To describe a doctor's jobs and responsibilities.

The following text is for questions 37 to 40.
Gardenia plants are popular for the strong sweet scent of their flowers. Gardenia is the national flower in Pakistan. In Japan and China, the flower is called Kuchinashi (Japanese) and Zhi zi (Chinese).
Gardenia plants are evergreen shrubs. Their small trees can grow to 1 - 5 meters tall. The leaves are 5 - 50 centimeters long and 3 - 25 centimeters broad, dark green and glossy with a leathery texture. The flowers are in small groups, white, or pale yellow, with 5-12 lobes (petals) from 5-12 centimeters diameter. They usually bloom in mid- spring to mid-summer. Many species have strong aroma.
To cultivate gardenia as a house plant is not easy. This species can be difficult to grow because it originated in warm humid tropical areas. It demands high humidity and bright (not direct) light to thrive. It flourishes in acidic soil with good drainage and thrives on 20° – 23° C during the day and 15° – 16° C in the evening. Potting soils developed specifically for gardenias are available. It grows no larger than 18 inches in height and width when grown indoor. In climates where it can be grown outdoors, it can reach the height of 6 feet. If water hits the flowers, they will turn brown.

  1. How tall is a gardenia tree?
A. 3 - 25 cm.
B. 5-12 cm.
C. 5-50 cm
D. 1-5 m

  1. What is the main idea of the last paragraph?
A. It is easy to plant a gardenia tree.
B. A gardenia plant needs high humidity.
C. It's not easy to plant gardenia as a house plant.
D. A good drainage is important for gardenia plant.

  1. From the text we know that ....
A. people don't like the strong scent of the flower
B. Gardenia is widespread in Asia
C. the flower is easy to plant
D. the flower is expensive

  1. "... because it originated in warm ..." (paragraph 3, line 10)
The underlined word refers to ....
A. the flower
B. the species
C. the soil
D. the leaf

The following text is for questions 41 to 43.
Once, a fisherman named Batara Guru Sahala lived in the Batak Land. One day, he caught a fish. He was surprised to find that the fish could talk. It begged Sahala to set it free. He did accordingly.
As soon as the fish was free, it changed into a woman. She was so beautiful that Sahala fell in love at once. He asked her to marry him. The woman agreed to marry Sahala. However, she told him that he must never let out the secret that she was once a fish. Sahala promised that he would not tell anyone about it.
They were happily married and had two daughters. Every morning Sahala went out fishing. One day, his daughters brought him his lunch. However, instead of bringing the food to their father, the two girls ate it. When Sahala knew what they had done with the meal, he got very angry. He shouted at them saying, "You behaved exactly like the daughters of the fish!".
They did not know what their father meant. They went home and asked their mother about it. Their mother was very upset. Although Sahala apologized to her, she would not forgive him for breaking his promise.
Then the earth began to shake, and the volcano started to erupt. The earth cracked and formed a big hole. It is said that the hole became the Toba Lake.

  1. What was Batara Guru Sahala?
A. A sailor.
B. A tailor.
C. A farmer.
D. A fisherman.

  1. What is the story about?
A. How the volcano erupted.
B. How a fisherman caught a fish.
C. How the lake Toba was created.
D. How the fish changed into a beautiful girl.

  1. From the text we can learn that ....
A. Never keep a secret
B. Don't break your promise
C. Never angry to your children
D. Don't eat your father's lunch

The following text is for questions 44 and 45.


Opening hours:

11: 00 AM to 01:00 AM (Weekdays)
11: 00 AM to 01: 30 AM (Weekends)
Monday to Saturday (Closed on Sunday)

Tel. (021) 390 3615, 390 3614
Fax. (021) 390 3616

Plaza Gani Djemat J1, Imam Bonjol 76-78 Jakarta
Tel. (021) 390 3613, 390 3614, 3903615
Fax (021) 390 3616

  1. We can reserve the seat at the Rina bar restaurant by sending a faximile to ....
A. 390 - 3613
B. 390 - 3614
C. 390 - 3615
D. 390 - 3616

  1. "... in a new world ambience"
The underlined word means ....
A. atmosphere
B. mood
C. space
D. place

The following text is for questions 46 to 48.
Besengek Daging

500 gr beef
1 onion
1 teaspoon shrimp paste
1/2 red chilli pepper
1 teaspoon coriander (ground)
1/2 teaspoon turmeric
30 ml tamarind water
250 ml beef stock
500 ml coconut milk
2 teaspoons sugar
salt to taste
oil for frying

Place the beef in enough water to cover and boil until tender (about 1 hour). Remove from stock and slice after cooling. Chop the onion and fry with the shrimp paste. Add chilli, pepper, coriander, turmeric, tamarind, sugar and salt. Sauté for a further 1/2 minute. Then add the beef and stock. Cover pan and simmer for a further 5 minutes. Uncover pan and add the coconut milk. Continue cooking until the sauce thickens.
Can be served on its own or with rice.

  1. How much sugar do we need according to the recipe?
A. 1/2 teaspoon.
B. 1 teaspoon.
C. 2 teaspoon
D. 2 spoons

  1. Why does the writer write this text?
A. To explain the ingredients of the food.
B. To describe the taste of besengek daging
C. To teach the readers about traditional foods.
D. To explain the process of making besengek daging.

  1. What is the main ingredient of this food?
A. Beef.
B. Turmeric.
C. Tamarind.
D. Coriander.

The following text is for questions 49 and 50.
Passengers planning to drive and park at the airport should be aware of several changes due to construction at the terminal. Short term parking is available in the new parking lot at the south end of the terminal.
This lot provides hourly parking for those who are meeting or dropping passengers. Travelers who plan to park overnight or longer can park in the new satellite lot and board a shuttle bus to the terminal. New signs in the entrance of the airport will direct travelers to the appropriate parking area.

  1. Why are there new instructions about parking at the airport?
A. The road is under reparation.
B. The new parking lot is available.
C. There was an accident on the runway.
D. There is a construction in progress at the terminal.

  1. Where can the travelers park their cars over night or longer?
A. At the entrance of the airport.
B. At the south of the terminal.
C. In the new satellite lot.
D. In a new parking lot.

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