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un 2013 paket 2k

This text is for the following question.

1.        What does the caution mean?
a.         It is hazardous if we create dust from the asbestos.
b.        Asbestos can create dust when we dispose it.
c.         It is dangerous for our health to breathe asbestos.
d.     Disposing asbestos is bad for our health.

The following text is for questions 2 and 3.
Date        : july 19th 2013
Time        : – 01 pm
Venue     : blk 123
Clementy west st 123
# 12-345
Pick up point : Clement' Primary School gate at 10.45am)
Rsup: Gina 9123 1111

2.        Which of the following information can we find in the text?
a.     The party is at Clementi's house.
b.        Gladys will celebrate her friend's birthday.
c.     The party is from 1 p.m. until 11 p.m.
d.        The party will be ended at 1 p.m.
3.        "Her Party Time" The underlined word refers to....
a.   Gladys
b.  Gina
c.    Clementi
d.   Scooby doo
The following ext is for question 4 to 6
To all our beloved readers,
We are pleased to announce a short story writing contest.
The participants must agree to the following conditions:
All contest entries must be:
            Original, never been published before
            Typed in double spaced
            Free from offensive materials
The Competition will award three prizes:
First Prize        : Rp 5,000,000
Second Prize   : Rp 3,000,000
Third Prize      : Rp 2,000,000
Your name, age, address and phone number must be included, type on a separate paper!
Send your entries to our office no later than December 14th 2013.
For further information, contact: Secretary's Office of the Remaja Magazine
4.        The text tells you about....
a.  a short story writing contest
b.  an announcement on the secretary's office
c.  an entry to get the prizes of competition
d.  a participant's condition for telling stories
5.        From the text, we know that....
a.     The writing must be submitted before December.
b.    The story can be written in triple spaced.
c.   The short story can be a published one.
d.  There are many prizes for winners.
6.        " ... type on a separate paper,"
The underlined word means....
a.  different
b. same
c.  inclusive
d.    similar
SAGA SPORT Home Use Motorized Treadmill Available item: 764
Hot Bargains Price: US $185.00 Current Retail Price: US $1599.00
1500 pcs ordered/month. Don't be late Limited stocks!
Contact us at 021-80049/50
7.      How many pieces of treadmill does the company sell in a month?
a.         185
b.        764
c.   1500
d.  1599
8.        Why should you hurry to buy the product?
a.    The stock is limited.
b.    The price is very cheap now.
c.    You will get more profits.
d.   Other buyers are waiting.
The test is missing
9.      What will be played on october 20
a.  Made for Each Other
b.  Some Like it Hot
c.  Kid from Kokomo
d. Trade Winds
10.  From the text, we know that....
a.   every movie is played for three days
b.  this is a cottage schedule in Portland
c.   movie-goers will receive free dinner
d.  Fred McMurray is the owner of the cinema
August 11st 2012
James Stephen l5 Park Lane, Hyderabad
Dear James,
Everything is fine here and I hope you do too. I hope your studies are going great. I am writing this letter to invite you and your family to come here (Mumbai) for this summer holidays. Since we've been apart for a long time, I want to spend this summer holidays with our families and I think we will enjoy it a lot.
We are planning to go to some cool places or a mountainous area during this time so that we can have a good time. The options are Ooty, Darjeeling, Shimla and many others. After we decide the place, we can arrange trips to nearby places as well. We will make this trip as a memorable one. Please let me know if you have any other place in mind, we will consider that as well. Reply me soon so that we can plan it well. Awaiting your reply.
Your loving friend,
11.    What is the letter about?
a.      The writer's big family activities.
b.     A holiday invitation to Mumbai.
c.      A great, memorable trip in Mumbai.
d.     James's studies at the university.
12.    Where does James live?
a.    Hyderabad
b.   Mumbai
c.   Shimla
d.  Ooty
13.    Why did the writer write the letter to James?
a.   To inform the writer's studies in Mumbai.
b.    To describe the writer's school in Mumbai.
c.     To invite James and his family to visit Mumbai.
d.    To ask for James to study with him in Mumbai
How To Make Manggo Juice
Some mangoes
A half glass of water
a glass of iced cube
a spoon of sugar
3 spoons of condensed milk   
First, peel the mango and clean it. Next, cut the mango into pieces and put them into the juicer. Then, put the water, ice, sugar, and milk. After that, turn on the juicer and wait about 15 seconds.
Finally, pour the mango juice into the glass and it ready to be served.
14.    What should we do before we put the mango into the juicer?
a.    Pour the mango juice into the glass.
b.    Add water, ice, sugar, and milk.
c.    Cut th.em into pieces.
d.   Tum on the juicer.
15.    What ingredient do we need as much as 3 spoons?
a.    Sugar.
b.    Water.
c.    Iced Cube.
d.   Condensed milk.
16.    "First, peel the mango and clean it." What is the synonym of the underlined word?
a.    Wash
b.    Dry
c.    Slice
d.   Cut
17.    .,. and put them into the juicer." (Step 2). The underlined word refers to ....
a.    sugar and mango
b.    ice and water
c.    sugar and milk  
d.   pieces of mango
The following text is for questions 18 to 21.

Bale Kambang is a small village on the Southern coast of East Java, seventy kilometers from Malang town, two hours' drive from south. It is well-known for its long beautiful white sandy beach as well as the similarity of its temple to the one of Tanah Lot in Bali.
In Bale Kambang, there are three small rocky islands namely Ismaya Island, Wisanggeni Island and Anoman Island, those names are taken from "wayang" figures (Java traditional puppets). These islands are surrounded by Indonesian Ocean which huge waves frighten most overseas cruisers.
P-ZF-20 12/2013                                                                                        °Flak Cipta pada Pusat Petulaian Pendidikan-BALITI3ANG-KEMDIKBUD
What makes Bale Kambang famous?
a.      Small rocky islands.
b.     Long beautiful beach.
c.      Huge waves of ocean.
d.     Overseas cruisers.
19.    What is Bale Kambang?
a.         A small village in Southern Coast of Java
b.     Three small islands in Indonesian ocean
c.     Wayang figure from east Java, Indonesia
d.     A village in Malang, east Java
20.    What is the main idea of the second paragraph?
a.         There are many rocky islands in Bale Kambang.
b.        Huge waves frighten many overseas cruisers.
c.         Names of rocky islands are taken from "wayang" figures.
d.        The rocky islands are in the middle of the sea.
21.    "... On the southern coast of East Java ...” (paragraph 1).  The underlined word is closest in meaning with....
a.   strait
b.   peninsula
c.         shore
d.        bay

Transjakarta is one of the Jakarta's mass transportation system. The problem with Transjakarta begins with the stations. The flat top steel and glass enclosures have no ventilation at all. By the time the bus arrives, you will be drenched in sweat. It's hard to imagine how one could design a bus station to be any more uncomfortable.
When the bus finally stops, it will be packed to the gills. A few people may get off and a few may get on. If you are lucky enough to push your way on to the bus, you need to hang on, because it's like a sardine can. The buses are air conditioned, but it doesn't help much when the bus is over capacity. Pickpockets abound so you should be very careful with your belongings
The best time to use the busway is between 10 a.m and 7 p.m on Sunday. There is a downloadable ma on their website. The fare is Rp.3.500 and there are no transfer fees.
22.    The text above tells us about Transjakarta.
a.     the fare of
b.    the station of
c.     the problem of
d.    the best time to use
23.    Where can we download the map of Transjakarta?
a.    On their website.
b.   In their buses.
c.    At the bus stop.
d.   At the bus station.
24.    Why does of Transjakarta's station become a problem?
a.    It is made of steel and glass.
b.    It has no ventilation at all.
c.    It does not have good roofs.
d.   It is in the shape of an enclosure.
25.    What does the second paragraph tell us?
a.    The situation when the bus stops at the station.
b.   The people on the station are packed to the gills.
c.    The way passengers of the bus leave the station.
d.   Many people like to get on and off the bus.
26.    From the text, we know that ....
a.    Transjakarta provide a downloadable map on its website.
b.   Transjakarta's station is very small but comfortable.
c.    riding Transjakarta during office hour is irresistible.
d.   Transjakarta charges Rp3.500 for its transfer fee.

Marie Curie was born in Poland in 1867. She was the only person who gained two Nobel prizes at that time. She achieved one on physics and one on chemistry. She was born as Marie Skloclowska, the daughter of a chemistry professor. She was the first woman who attended University of Sorbonne in Paris. As a poor student, she lived in Paris on only ten cents a day for 3 years. In 1895, she married Pierre Currie, a chemist. They had two daughters: Irene and Eve. Marie managed three lives as a researcher, a wife and a mother.
In 1898, Marie discovered radium. Later she developed a concept of radioactivity, which marked the beginning of the atomic age. During World War 1, Marie and her daughter completed a new medical tool - the X - ray. Marie died in 1934, only a year before her daughter Irene won the Nobel Prize in chemistry.
27.    What is Marrie Currie's achievement during World War 1?
a.         She married to her husband and had two daughters.
b.        She lived with only ten cents a day for three years.
c.         She completed the X- ray machine with her daughter.
d.        She was the first woman to study in Sorbonne University.
28.         From the text, we know that ....
a.         Marrie Currie's passion for chemistry was followed by her daughter
b.        Pierre Currie was a Chemistry professor in Sorbonne University
c.         Irene Currie was Marie Currie's sister and had similar passion
d.        Pierre Currie lived in Paris and went to Sorbonne University
29.    What is the main idea of paragraph 2?
a.         Marie Currie and her Nobel prizes.
b.        Marie's daughters are Irene and Eve.
c.         Marie's family background.
d.        Marie's achievement as a scientist.
30.    "In 1898, Marie discovered radium". (paragraph 2) The underlined word means ....
a.         had
b.        met
c.         got
d.        found

Once upon a time, Roro Anteng and Joko Seger lived on the foot of Mount Bromo. After six years of marriage, they had not had any children. They prayed, pleaded to Gods for children. Their prayer was granted in one condition. They should sacrifice their youngest son to the Bromo crater.
After sometime, Roro Anteng gave birth to a child, and it happened every year until they had 25 children. They lived happily and forgot about the agreement. The mount Bromo erupted signaling that the Gods asked the couple to fulfill their promise. But they didn't want their youngest son, Raden Kusuma, to be sacrificed to the crater.
Raden Kusuma learned about the deal his parents had made. Meanwhile the lava from the crater had made the people living near the mountain suffered. Since Raden Kusuma was a kind and noble man, he didn't want his siblings and other people suffered because of him. Therefore he went to Mount Bromo and sacrificed himself to the crater. The eruption suddenly stopped.
After that day, the Tengger people have given offerings to the crater, as Raden Kusuma had sacrificed himself before.

31.    Why did Roro Anteng and Joko Seger have to sacrifice their youngest son?
a.         The youngest son was a noble man.
b.        The son could stop the eruption.
c.         They have promised to do that.
d.        They have 25 children already.
32.    What is the main idea of paragraph 3?
a.         The eruption of the mount stopped instantly.
b.        Raden Kusurna sacrificed himself.
c.         The crater of mount Bromo was dangerous.
d.        Raden Kusuma made people angry.
33.    The text shows that Roro Anteng and Joko Seger ....
a.         really loved Raden Kusuma
b.        disliked their youngest son
c.         let their son kill himself
d.        agreed to their son's behaviour
34.    The moral of the story is ....
a.         keeping our promise is unnecessary
b.        parents must not promise to do anything
c.         all parents love their children
d.        we have to fulfill our promise

In the days when an a soda float costed less, a 9 year old girl entered a coffee shop and sat at a table. A waiter put the menu in front of her.
"How much is a soda float?"
"One dollar," replied the waiter.
The little girl pulled her hand out of her cute little pink purse and studied a number of coins in it. "flow much is a bottle of soda?" she inquired. Some people were now waiting for a table and the waiter was a bit impatient.
"75 cents," he said brusquely.
The little girl again counted the coins. "Pll have a bottle of soda," she said, The waiter brought the soda bottle, put the bill on the table and walked away. The girl finished the soda, paid the cashier and departed.
When the waiter returned, he began wiping down the table and then swallowed hard at what he saw. There, placed neatly beside the empty dish, were 25 cents — his tip,

35.    Why did the waiter swallow hard?
a.         The girl didn't have enough money.
b.        He drank a bottle of soda.
c.         He drank a soda float.
d.         The girl left tip for the waiter.
36.    The main idea of the last paragraph?
a.         The girl cleaned the table patiently.
b.        The girl left her tip for the waiter.
c.         The waiter swallowed the soda hard.
d.        The waiter left an empty dish.
37.    What can we learn from the story?
a.         Never underestimate other people.
b.        Surprises happen anywhere.
c.         Be patient in serving other people.
d.        Be kind to other people.
38.    ...........and studied a number of coins in it." (Paragraph 2) The underlined word refers to ....
a.         the menu
b.        coffee shop
c.         the purse
d.        the girl's hand

Gardenia plants are popular for the strong sweet scent of their flowers. Gardenia is the national flower in Pakistan. In Japan and China, the flower is called Kuchinashi (Japanese) and Zhi zi (Chinese).
Gardenia plants are evergreen shrubs. Their small trees can grow to 1 — 5 meters tall. The leaves are 5 — 50 centimeters long and 3 — 25 centimeters broad, dark green and glossy with a leathery texture. The flowers are in small groups, white, or pale yellow, with 5-12 lobes (petals) from 5-12 centimeters diameter. They usually bloom in mid-spring to mid-summer. Many species have strong aroma.
To cultivate gardenia as a house plant is not easy. This species can be difficult to grow because it originated in warm humid tropical areas. It demands high humidity and bright (not direct) light to thrive. It flourishes in acidic soil with good drainage and thrives on 20°— 23° C during the day and 15° — 16° C in the evening. Potting soils developed specifically for gardenias are available. It grows no larger than 18 inches in height and width when grown indoor. In climates where it can be grown outdoors, it can reach the height of 6 feet. If water hits the flowers, they will turn brown.

39.    How tail is a gardenia tree?
a.         3 — 25 cm
b.        5 — 12 cm.
c.         5 — 50 cm.
d.        1 — 5 m.
40.    What is the main idea of the last paragraph?
a.         It is easy to plant a gardenia tree.
b.        A gardenia plant needs high humidity.
c.         It's not easy to plant gardenia as a house plant.
d.        A good drainage is important for gardenia plant.
41.    From the text we know that
a.         people don't like the strong scent of flower
b.        Gardenia is widespread in Asia
c.         the flower is easy to plant
d.        the flower is expensive
42.    "... because it originated in warm ...(paragraph 3,) The underlined word refers to
a.     the flower
b.    the species
c.     the soil
d.    the leaf

I (43) ... my adolescence when I was thirteen. It started with acne that showed right on top of my pointed (44) ... It was very annoying. It made me self conscious about my look. Fortunately, my Mom treated me (45) ... in three weeks. The acmes started to vanish. That was my experience during adolescence.

43.    A. Reached          B. Learned      C. Stayed        D.  stopped
44.    A. Cheek              B. Nose           C. Face            D. head
45.    A. Slowly             B. Regularly    C. Patiently     D. weekly

For questions 46 to 48, choose the suitable words to fill in the blanks.
Mr. Bambang is an English teacher. He speaks English fluently. His wife, Mrs. Vanya is a (46)......She helps sick people. She doesn't speak English. Mr. Bambang has two children. They study English not only at school but also at home. They are (47)....... students. Their father teaches them every night, so they can speak English (48)... He is very proud of them.

46.    A. Teacher            B. Janitor         C. Doctor        D. chef
47.    A. Lazy                B. Proud          C. Stupid         D. diligent
48.    A. Fluently           B. Silently       C. Slowly        D. badly

49.    Arrange the sentences bellow into a correct paragraph.
1.      We left our house at about 5 o'clock in the morning. We took a taxi to the railway station.
2.      Finally our train came. All of us rushed to get on the train.
3.      Last Lebaran, my family and I went hometown. We decided to take a train because it is more comfortable.
4.      It took about 5 to 7 hours to get to our hometown. We enjoyed our journey.
5.      We took the carriage no 3 according to our tickets.
6.      But without any prior information, our train was late for about fifteen minutes, so we had to wait a bit longer.
7.      After finding our seats we could sit comfortably.
8.      We arrived at the station at six. Our train would leave at 6.40.

a.       3          8          6          4          5          1          2          7
b.      3          4          5          8          1          2          6          7
c.       3          1          8          6          2          5          7          4
d.      3          5          4          2          7          8          1          6

50.    Arrange these sentences below into a good paragraph.
1.    He had booked one week tour.
2.    Mr. Adiputra's family was on vacation
3.    They went to Bali
4.    That included accommodation and tour around Bali
5.    They boarded a large Airbus.
6.    They had a very pleasant flight.
7.    He booked four tickets at the travel agent.
8.    On the plane the cabin crews gave them food and drink.

a.     1          4          5          8          6          2          3          7
b.    2          3          7          1          4          5          8          6
c.     7          2          3          8          4          6          5          1
d.    3          7          1          4          5          8          6          2

1.  A / c                      11.  B                     21.  C                     31.  C                     41.  B
2.  D                       12.  A                     22.  C                     32.  B                     42.  B
3.  A                       13.  C                     23.  A                     33.  A     `               43.  A
4.  A                       14.  C                     24.  B                     34.  D                     44.  B
5.  D                       15.  D                     25.  A                     35.  D                     45.  B
6.  A                       16.  A                     26.  A                     36.  B                     46.  C
7.  C                        17.  D                     27.  C                     37.  A                     47.  D
8.  A                       18.  B                     28.  A                     38.  D                     48.  A
9.  C                        19.  A                     29.  D                     39.  D                     49.  C
10.  A                     20.  C                     30.  D                     40.  C                     50.  B

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