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uas 8

 Read the following text and answer questions 1 to 2

Most people in the world have a pet. I also have it. My pet is a cat, named Miko.  Its color is brown. It has brown eyes, too. I got this pet from my friend at the beginning of 2009. He bought it from a pet shop in his country. Once a week, my mother bathes him. He is funny and smart. It often plays with my neighbour's dog. I love him very much because he can be my friend, too.

1.    Miko's eyes are ........
a.      black
b.      white
c.      brown
d.      dark brown
2.    The writer got the pet from ........
a.      his neighbour
b.      a pet shop
c.      his friend
d.      his mother

Read the following text and answer questions 3 to 5
Last holiday I went to Paris. I visited museums and sat in public gardens. A friendly waiter taught me a few words of French. Then he lent me a book. I read a few lines, but I did not understand a word. Every day I thought about postcards. My holidays passed quickly, but I did not send any cards to my friends.
On the last day I made a big decision, I got up early and bought thirty seven cards. I spent the whole day in my room, but I did not write a single card!
3.      What is the text about?
a.   Visiting museum
b.   Postcard
c.   Words of French
d.   Holiday
4.      Whom did the writer meet in Paris?
a.   Friendly waiter
b.   His friends
c.   Postman
d.   Mother
5.      What was the first place the writer visited?
a.   Museum
b.   Public garden
c.   His room
d.   Post office
6.      X   : … about using the internet?
Y   : I think the internet is useful.
a.   What’s your opinion
b.   Can you help me
c.   May I help you
d.   Can I have
7.      Dara         : You’re busy baking the cake,
  Nadine. … ?
Nadine      : No, thanks. It’s almost done.
a.   Do you agree
b.   Can I help you
c.   Do you think
d.   What do you think
8.      X   : Oh No ! I forget to bring my pen … land me
       your pen, please?
Y   : Sure!
a.   I don’t think so
b.   Can I have
c.   What do you think of
d.   Can you
9.      X   : Listen! After the class we will go for a play.
Y: That’s a good idea, I agree with you
a.   Do you know
b.   This is Indah Speaking
c.   What’s wrong
d.   Do you agree
10.   Rita           : Hi, friends! Tomorrow is a holiday.
                   What shall we do?
Ratih        : How about going to Ramayana
                   Department store?
Emi           : … What about swimming.
Rita           : OK, so what time shall we go?
Emi           : Nine o’clock.
a.   That’s not a good idea
b.   I agree with you
c.   That’s fine
d.   You’re right
11.   Karim       : I think a tractor works fast.
Hasin        : Well, it’s true but the farmers don’t
                   like it.
Karim       : Why?
Hasin        : Maybe it’s very expensive.
The underlined utterance expresses….
a.   agreement
b.   disagreement
c.   certainty
d.   uncertainty
12.   Yani          : Tin, may I borrow your motorcycle?
  I have to pick my brother up but
  unfortunately mine has flat tire.
Tina          : ….., there is a bit trouble with my
a.   I’m sorry
b.   You’re right
c.   that’s great
d.   I’m sure
Read the following text and answer questions 13 to14
Baby sitter – FT
A day-care center seeks a baby sitter (fem 17 +)
to work with 2 – 4 year old children. Salary open.
Previous experienced preferred. Call 545-1346
betw. 1 – 4 pm or send CV to Po Box 255, Jkt.

13.   What vacancy is being informed in the text?
a.   A teacher
b.   A nurse
c.   A baby
d.   A babysitter
14.   What information can we get?
a.   A day-care center needs a full time baby sitter
b.   The applicant under 17 can apply for the job.
c.   The baby sitter will work overnight
d.   The applicant can’t contact the employer
For questions 22 to 25 choose the best words to complete the text
John and James were two friends who were crossing a… (15)…. Suddenly, they hit a huge black bear. Imagine how …(16)… they were. They tried to run but the bear … (17)… them. John managed to climb up into a tree but, James fell to the ground and … (18) … to be dead. He knew that a bear will only attack something if it is alive.
15.   a. sea                    c. forest     
b. river                  d. city
16.   a. happy               c. sad      
b. angry                d. terrified
17.   a. chased              c. close       
b. drank               d. threw
18.   a. wanted             c. hoped 
b. wished              d. pretended
19.   Hendra     : Did the boys study after class?
Ayu           : No.
Hendra     : What did they do?
Ayu           : They … football
a.   play
b.   plays
c.   played
d.   will play
20.   Dessi        : How often do you swim a week?
Windi        : Actually twice. But last week I
                   only  … once, because I prepared
                   myself for the exams.
a.   swim
b.   swam
c.   will swim
d.   have swum
21.   Winda       : Look! The flowers are beautiful.
  Who … them?
Lidya        : I did, and I watered them
a.   are planting
b.   planted
c.   plants
d.   plant
For questions 22 to 25 choose the best words to complete the text
… (22)… there lived a little girl named Snow White. She lived with her Aunt and Uncle because her parents were dead.
One day she … (23) … her Uncle and Aunt talking about leaving Snow White in the castle because they both wanted to go to America and they … (24)…enough money to take Snow White.
Snow White did not want her Uncle and Aunt to do this so she … (25) … it would be best if she ran away. The next morning she ran away from home when her Aunt and Uncle …(26) …having breakfast. She ran away into the woods.
22.   a. Once upon a time
b. Suddenly
c. Of course
d. I am sorry
23.   a. hears
b. heard
c. to hear
d. hearing
24.   a. don’t have
b. have not
c. didn’t have
d. not have
25.   a. decided
b. decide
c. decides
d. to decide
26.   a. is
b. was
c. are
d. were
27.   X: Hi, you are different today, tell me…………..?
Y: My hand, it is hurt.
a.   Do you know
b.   This is Indah Speaking
c.   What’s wrong
d.   Do you agree

28.   A:  excuse me, …………where the barber
B:  yes just go straight down this road, the
     barbershop is on the right side
a.   Do you know
b.   This is Indah Speaking
c.   What’s wrong
d.   Do you agree
Read the following text and answer questions 29 to 32
Adam’s Diary
May 2010
23 Sunday. When I got up, I felt ill, I went back to bed. Mum called the doctor. But he couldn’t come, because he was ill too.
24 Monday. The doctor come at 11 O’clock. He wrote a prescription for some medicine. Mum bought it in the drugstore. It was horrible. Yuck!
25 Tuesday. Dad bought me model airplane. I read the instructions, but I couldn’t make it, because the dog ate the glue.
29.   What happened at 23rd May to Adam?
a.   He couldn’t come
b.   He wrote a prescription
c.   He felt ill
d.   He was slipping
30.   Who called the doctor?
a.   Father
b.   Adam
c.   Mother
d.   Doctor
31.   What did the doctor write at 24th?
a.   Instructions
b.   Model airplane
c.   Address of drugstore
d.   Prescription
32.   Adam could not make the airplane, why? Because…
a.   He felt ill
b.   The dog ate the glue
c.   The doctor was ill too
d.   Mum bought medicine

Read the following text and answer questions 33 to 36
When I was in elementary school, I really loved football. Every Saturday afternoon I practiced in school field with my team and my coach. They were strong and smart players. My coach was a kind person. But, while he was couching us, he was very discipline. He would grounded anyone who came late and not obey the team rules.
33.   When did the writer really love football?
a.   When he was in elementary school
b.   Every Saturday afternoon
c.   When he came late and not obey the team rules
d.   When he was in junior high school
34.   Where the writer used to play football
a.   In stadium
b.   In the sport hall
c.   In his own field
d.   In a school field
35.   How was the couch couching him?
a.   Strong
b.   Smart
c.   Discipline
d.   Lazy
36.   The coach grounded players who …..
a.   were smart
b.   were discipline
c.   came late
d.   obeyed the rules
For questions 37  to 39 choose the best words to complete the text
Ali        : Excuse me, .. (37)… where The Art Museum
Adi       : Just go straight down this road, and the
              Museum is on your right.
Ali        : And…(38)… how to get there?
Adi       : Sure. Take the no. 12 bus, and get off at the
              Post Office on your left. The Art Museum is
              opposite the Post Office
Ali        : Thank you very much.
Adi       : …(39)…
37.   a. Do you agree
b. Do you know
c. Do you think
d. Do you understand
38.   a. Do you agree
b. can you tell me
c. Do you think
d. Do you understand
39.   a. Yes, I do
b. You’re right
c. You’re welcome
d. Thank you, too

Read the following text and answer questions 40 to 43.
Juhha’s Wonders
Once upon a time, there was a small village in Baghdad. Its population was very small. In this village everybody knew each other and knew every little or big problems that went on in the village. In this small village there was a bakery that was popular for its delicious bread.
One day a poor old man was walking in the street passing the bakery and he stopped to smell the scent of the bread which was spreading out of the bakery.
Suddenly, the baker caught the old man and shouted at him demanding the price of bread’s scent. He almost drag him to the police.
A very famous wise man named Juhha heard the baker shouting. So he went to him and asked about the problem. Juhha stood calmly listening to the baker and he thought for a solution.
After a few minutes Juhha’s eyes glistened and an amused smile was on his face. He asked the baker “How much money do you want?”. The baker and poor man were astonished, but the baker answered “3 dinars”. Juhha took the money out of his wallet and put it in his pocket and shook the money. “Did you hear the sound of the money?” Juhha asked. “Yes, I did”, the baker replied, and with big smile Juhha said “Well then, this is the price of your bread’s scent!”
40.   Who stopped to smell the scent of the bread?
a.   The baker.
b.   The police.
c.   The old poor man.
d.   Juhha, the wise man.
41.   What did the baker do to the old man?
a.   He wanted to hear the sound of the old man money.
b.   He demanded the old man to pay for the scent.
c.   He shouted his problem to the old man.
d.   He gave the old man some solution.
42.   ” ….., which was popular for its delicious bread” (paragraph 1) What does the word “delicious” mean?
a.   Sour
b.   Tasty
c.   Bitter
d.   Unpleasant
43.   What can we learn from the story above?
a.   We must help poor people.
b.   We must take the benefit of what we offer.
c.   We should pay nothing for things we use.
d.   We shouldn’t ask other to pay for what they don’t get.
44.   not –the flowers –Ratih –yesterday –  in –did –
1                 2               3            4     5      6
the garden –water
         7               8
The correct arrangement is …
a.   3 – 1 – 8 – 7 – 5 – 2 – 6 – 4
b.   3 – 4 – 6 – 1 – 8 – 5 – 7 – 2
c.   3 – 6 – 1 – 5 – 7 – 8 – 2 – 4
d.   d, 3 – 6 – 1 – 8 – 2 – 4 – 7 – 4

The Adorable Daniel Radcliffe

My idol is Daniel Radcliffe. His full name is Daniel Jacob Radcliffe. His nick name is Dan. He was born in Fulham, London, 23 July 1989. Dan has dark brown hair. The colour of his eyes are blue. His height is about 168 cm. He is an intelligent and a humorous person. I admire him since his first appearance in ''Harry Potter and The Sorcerer Stone''. I think he is a good actor.

45.   What does the text mostly tell about?
a.   The adventure of Harry Potter.
b.   The career of Daniel Radcliffe.
c.   The appearance of Harry Potter.
d.   The description of Daniel Radcliffe.

46.   From the text we know that ….
a.   He was born in Fulhan.
b.   He is a funny boy.
c.   He has black hair.
d.   He is 20 years old.

47.   He is an intelligent and a humorous person.      What does the underlined word mean?
a.   Patient
b.   Honest
c.   Smart
d.   Diligent

The peach is known as a species of Prunus. It is a kind of edible juicy fruit. It is native to China. The peach tree grows to 4-10 m tall. It is a deciduous tree so it will fall its leaves in certain seasons. It belongs to the subfamily Prunoideae of the family Rosaceae.
The leaves are 7-16 cm long and 2-3 cm broad. The flowers are produced in early spring before the leaves. They are solitary or paired with about 2,5-3 cm in diameter. The color of the flower is pink.
Peach fruit is very nice. Its aroma smells good. The color of the flesh is yellow or white. The skin of the peach is smooth or velvety. The flesh is soft and juicy. It is delicious. It is a little bit harder when it is unripe. Inside the flesh, there is a large single seed. The seed is oval in shape. Its color is red-brown. Its length is about 1,3-2 cm. A wood–like husk surrounds this seed.
Most people know peaches as 'persicas'. It is related to the belief that peaches were native to Persia (now Iran). The modern botanical consensus is that they originate in China, and were introduced to Persia and the Mediterranean region along the Silk Road before Christian times.
48.   Which part of the peach fruit contains water?
a.   The flesh.
b.   The husk.
c.   The seed.
d.   The skin.
49.   What is the purpose of the third paragraph?
              a.     To describe a peach tree.
              b.     To describe the peach fruit.
               c.     To describe the taste of peach fruit.
              d.     To describe the smell of a peach tree.
50.   "It is a little bit harder when it is unripe". (paragraph 3) The underlined word refers to the ... of the peaches.
              a.     flesh
              b.     seed
               c.     skin
              d.     tree

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