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english test 1 , 1st G

Saturday, 22nd October
Dear Anita,

Hi!,  How are you Anita? I hope everything is all right. I’ll tell you my last holiday.
Last week I went to east Java for holiday. On the first day I went to Mount Bromo, I stayed at my uncle’s house at Cemara Lawang, Probolinggo. It has a big garden with lots of colorful flowers and a fish pond.
The next day, my aunt, my uncle and I saw Gunung Batok and went on scenic ride on horse back. It was scary. Then we went to get a closer look at the mountain. We took a picture of beautiful sceneries there.
On the last day, we went to the zoo at Wonokromo. We saw cockatoos having shower. In the afternoon, we went home. It was fun.


1.        What is the purpose of the letter above?
a.         To tell about Tania’s holiday.
b.        To inform about mount  Bromo.
c.         To describe her uncle’s house.
d.        To invite someone for holiday.
2.        How many days are they in the East Java?
a.         6
b.        5
c.         4
d.          3

To : All students and teachers
Come and visit our new library. Lots of new books (brand new novels and non-fiction books) are available. You can also enjoy our newest DVDs collection.
Head of library
3.        What are the things offered in the new library ?
a.         Books and DVDs.
b.        Old and new books.
c.         New books and novels.
d.        New DVDs and non-fiction books.

4.        Why does the writer make the announcement ?
a.         To resume a new novel.
b.        To invite the reader to visit the library.
c.         To let the reader know about the head of library.
d.        To help the reader know where to find the DVDs.

5.        Who make the announcement ?
a.         Ramadhan
b.        All students
c.         All teachers
d.        The librarian

6.        Teacher     :  Come here Rendi. Where’s
                    your homework?
Rendi      :  ……… , Sir. I left it at home.
Teacher     :  Promise to submit it tomorrow,
Rendi       :  Yes, Sir. I’ll do.
a.         I’m sorry                                     
b.        It’s too bad  
c.         That’s a good idea                 
d.        Excuse me
Making Meatballs
What you need for the ingredients
  • 1 kilo of very fine minced meat (preferably beef)
  • 2 eggs
  • 300 grams of tapioca-flour
  • 4-8 cloves of garlic
  • 1 red onion
  • 1 teaspoon of white pepper
·         2 teaspoons of salt

The steps to make meatballs
These steps are instruction on how to make meatballs, just meatball, the soup is made separately.

Ø  First of all, mix garlic, red onion, salt, and white pepper in a mortar or mixer.
Ø  Second step, mix the spice-mixture with the eggs, the tapioca-flour and the minced meat.
Ø  After that, use your fingers, add a cup of water, and keep on working until the mixture feels soft and smooth.
Ø  Then, boil some water in a rather large pot, at least about 2 liters.
Ø  Next step, start rolling the mixture into small meatballs.
Ø  Finally, lower the meatballs into the boiling water. When they float up to the surface the meatball are ready to serve.

7.        How many steps do we need to make meatball?
a.     Four
b.    Five
c.     Six
d.    Seven
8.        .  What container is needed to boil some
a.     Mixer
b.    A cup
c.     A large pot
d.    A stove

Bram ….
I just got a bad news. As you know Nita’s father is hospitalized. He passed away last night. Please forward this message to our friends.

9.        Who just passed away?
a.         Jack’s father.
b.        Bram’s friend.
c.         Nita’s father.
d.        Writer’s father

10.    “As you know Nita’s father is hospitalized.”
The underlined word refers to … .
a.         Jack
b.        Bram
c.         Reader
d.        Nita’s father

Hello! My name is Rob Fellow. I come from Dundee. A town on the east coast of Scotland, but I’m a student at Durham University, in the north of England. I’m studying French and German, and I can speak the languages quite well. I also know little Spanish, so I can speak four languages. I’m enjoying the course a lot, but it’s very hard work!
I live in Durham Castle, because the Castle is part of the University, with about thirty other students. The course started two years ago, and I’m in my third year. After the course I’m going to work in France, but I don’t know where yet.
11.    Rob can speak these languages below except………
a.         German                                       
b.        Spanish
c.         English                                        
d.        Dutch

12.    What’s Rob going to do after course?
a.         To get a job in France.                 
b.        To enjoy in Germany.
c.         To study in England.                     
d.        To learn in Spanish.

13.    Rob Fellow is … student at Durham University.
a.         a lazy                                          
b.        a diligent
c.         a dull                                          
d.        a discipline

To   : Yulia.
It’s really a wonderful and happy news. You deserve it. You’re really the winner. We’re proud of you.
Yossie and friends

14.    What is the main purpose of the text?
a.         To invite someone.
b.        To tell wonderful news.
c.         To find a happy winner
d.        To congratulate someone

15.    What makes Yossie proud of ?
a.         Yulia has won the competition.
b.        Yulia has wonderful news.
c.         Yulia wants to get  the first winner
d.        Yulia is happy to play a game

16.    Ali            : Get up, please. Riko.
Ari            : In a minute, Mom. I'm still
Ali            : Come on. Have a shower right
                   now, or you'll be late for school
Where does the dialogue take place?.......
a.         In the office
b.        At home
c.         In class
d.        In the library
17.    Dony        : ... do you go fishing?
Deni         : Once a week..
a.         How far
b.        How long
c.         How often
d.        How many
18.    Usman      : Have you done your homework,
Umar        : Please forgive me, Sir. I haven't
                     finished it yet. I had to take my
                     mother to the doctor.
Usman      : Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Well,
                     do it now.
Where does the dialogue take place?
a.         At home.
b.        In the library.
c.         In the classroom.
d.        In the bedroom.

                Lions, tigers, bears and wolves are wild animals. Most of them belong to a prairie community. The basic life of prairie consists of the grasses. The grassland  extend across central Africa. The grass and other plants support large population of animals. Many kinds of antelope, zebras, giraffes and other creatures graze on the grass. Preying on them are lions and leopards.
                Lions and tigers prey on antelope, zebras and giraffes. Wolves and mountain lions prey the deer. When deer are very numerous, their enemies become numerous too, because there is so much to feed upon.
                Wild animal are found on a prairie, in the polar areas, in the forest and grasslands, and in the desert.
                In some countries there is a law against hunting wild animals. If someone breaks the law, he or she will surely be fined  or punished.

19.    The suitable title of the text above is……
a.         Prairie Community                                     
b.        Wild Animals       
c.         Population of Animals                                
d.        African Animals

20.    Which statement is not true according to the text ?
a.         Lions and tigers prey on antelope.
b.        Some countries have a law against hunting.
c.         Wild Animal do not live in the forests.
d.        Most of the wild animals belong to prairie community

21.    Wild animals can found in many places. except …
a.         prairie                         
b.        zoo                   
c.         forest              
d.        beach

22.    Lusi          : .. is your school from the bus
Anti          : It's about two kilometres.
a.         How long
b.        How wide
c.         How far
d.        How
23.    Andre       : There is something wrong with
 my computer. Do you think Andini can repair it?
Mario       : ... . Her own computer is out of
                   order, too.
Andre      : Really?
a.         No, doubt
b.        I doubt that
c.         I'm sure
d.        I'm certain
24.    Mother     : Santi, let's prepare for lunch
Help me set the table. Look, the table is dirty, could you clean it?
Santi         : ... it's time to have lunch.
 Anything else, Mom?
Mother     : No, that's all.
a.         Sorry, Mom, I can't
b.        I can't decide
c.         I am not sure
d.        By all means

25.    Maliki       ; Anyway, how's Tim now?
Yauma      : He's better, I think;
What is the opposite of the italic word?
a.         nice
b.        worse
c.         worst
d.        good

26.    Doctor      : …?'
Patient      : My stomach arches
Doctor      : Let me see.
a.     What can you do for me
b.    What's wrong with you
c.     Why don't you take a rest
d.    Why don't you see the doctor

Budi loves animals. He often goes to the bird market not far from his house. He likes watching different kinds of birds there.
At home his father keeps two birds. Every day Budi helps him look after the birds. He cleans the cages and feeds the birds every afternoon. He gives them special bird food. He enjoys doing all this.
Budi has a pet, too. It is a cat. His name is Manis. He is three years old. He eats meat, fish, or rice. He is really nice. He catches every mouse which comes into the house. Budi likes Manis very much.
27.    What kind of pet does Budi keep?
a.         Animals.
b.        Birds.
c.         A cat.
d.        A mouse.
28.    Who likes feeding the birds?
a.         Budi does.
b.        Budi’s father does.
c.         Budi and his father do.
d.        Neither Budi nor his father does.
29.     “... and feeds the birds every afternoon.” (par 2).The underlined words means ....
a.     wash and clean
b.    take and put
c.     give drink to
d.    give food to

Last Sunday I (30) ....... up very late. I looked out of the window. It was dark (31) ....... very
silent outside. “What a day!” I thought. “It was raining again”. Just then, the telephone rang. It
was my aunt Lucy. She asked (32
) ....... if I was fine.

30.    a.  Get
31.    a.  But
32.    a.  Mine

The Manager of KEN TOUR
Jl. Ahmad Yani 12

Dear sir,
We are sorry to complain about the service that your travel agency provided on our school holiday Bali Tour Feb, 22 – 24.
First, on our arrival we had to stay outside despite of our tiredness after 12 hours. The people in charge said that all the rooms were still occupied by another tour group. We were welcomed to check in after 5 hours of waiting. That means our tour was two hours delayed. Consequently we missed one of the places to visit.
At dinner time, many of us found no food left so we bought dinner outside. We look forward to receiving your response.

Thank you,
Yours faithfully
Andi Lala
33.    The text above is a letter of ….
a.         application
b.        invitation
c.         introduction
d.        complaint
34.    The writer feels disappointed about the following, except ….
a.     the amount of dinner
b.    the canceling of one place
c.     the late welcome from the hotel
d.    the travelling
35.    How long was the tour?
a.         5 hours
b.        12 hours
c.         2 days
d.        3 days
The bell was ringing. It was time for Adi's class to have Physics in the laboratory' They enjoy studying Physics in the laboratory. They have 'chances to Use the  apparatus like flashes  pipettes, test tubes, etc and to make simple experiments.
Adi was in the same group as Rita. They also wore white uniform - called a lab coat - like the others' They prepared the apparatus very carefully since they were made of glass. The teacher was distributing the work sheet when suddenly she heard a little scream. It was from Adi. He was not so careful that the test tube knocked on the table, broke a little and cut his finger. The teacher took care of him soon.

36.    Who is preparing the instruments for the experiment?
a.     Girls.  
b.    The teacher.
c.     Boys.  
d.    Every student.

37.    What happened to Adi's finger?
a.         It was cut by the glass apparatus'
b.        It broke an apparatus'
c.         It was cut by a knife.
d.        It knocked the apparatus
38.    What does the second paragraph tell about?
a.     How to operate the apparatus'
b.    The instruments for the experiment'
c.     The activities in the laboratory'
d.    The Physics class in the second period.
This is Mr. Haryono's house. It is big, clean and
comfortable (39). There is a garden in front of the house there are some plants and flowers in the garden. There is a living room, a dining room, two bathrooms. a kitchen, three bedrooms and a garage. Mr. Haryono has some pets (40 ), a dog, a cat, and a parrot. Mr. Haryono takes care of the pets very carefully.
39.    The comfortable underlined word means ….
a.         beautiful                   
b.        uninteresting
c.         unattractive              
d.        enjoyable
40.    The word "Pets" means . . . .
a.         tame animals
b.        beautiful animals
c.         favorite animals kept at home
d.        tame animals kept at the zoo
41.    Mr. Kusno: Do you ever come to   school
Totok        ;  No, Sir. I never come to school
Mr.Kusno : That's good. But how come?
Totok        : Because I… . go to school early.
a.         always                      
b.        seldom
c.         rarely                        
d.        sometimes

42.    Lina          : Did the boys study after class?
Rina          : No.
Lina          : What did they do?
Rina          : They. . . . football.
a.     play
b.    plays
c.     played
d.    will play
43.    Mother     : It's very cold tonight.
  Take me the . . . .. please.
Son           : OK. here it is, mom.
a.     hat
b.    shoes
c.     sweater
d.    T. shirt

44.    Father       : Have you brushed you . . . .,
Anton       : Of course, I have. I have to keep
  them clean and white. Don’t I?
a.     hair
b.    teeth
c.     tooth
d.    nails

45.    Mr. Nasir : Why does your. brother study at
  the vocational school?
Erwin       : He. . . . to get a job after
                   Finishing his school.
a.     dislikes
b.    hates
c.     enjoys
d.    wants
46.    many – there – table – books – are – the –
     1         2          3           4         5       6
Rearrange the words into a good sentence!
a.     7-6-3-1-4-2-5
b.    2-5-1-4-7-6-3
c.     7-6-5-4-1-2-5
d.    2-5-1-3-6-7-4

My Brother, Jade.
     My brother Jade is such a slob !
He always gets up at about ten o’clock. Sometimes he does not shower in the morning. He eats breakfast in the living room in front of the TV. At about twelve o’clock, he gets dressed, although sometimes when I come home at quarter past three, he is still sitting there in there in his pajamas. And when he does get dressed, he usually wears the same clothes for a whole week! He never has any money because he does not work.
Oh, and another thing. He never remember my birthday.

47.    What does Jade do at ten o’clock ?
a.     He gets up                                                       
b.    He goes to work
c.     He showers                                                  
d.    He goes to school

48.    The following statement are true about Jade, except ……
a.         He is poor                                                   
b.        He gets up late
c.         Perhaps He is very diligent                       
d.        He is very diligent

49.    Who is the writer ?
a.         Jade                                                             
b.        Jaka’s friend
c.         Jaka’s sister                                              
d.        Jaka’s mother

50.    What is the purpose of the text ?
a.         To inform someone
b.        To tell about someone
c.         To describe  someone’s habitual behavior
To talk about someone’s brother

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