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first e test 7 G

September english test
First semester ( 2014 )

Choose the correct answer!
Name               :  Lia Hermawan.
Call name        :  Lia
Hair                 :  Wavy

Address           :  Mangga V/12 Surabaya
Place of birth   :  Surabaya
Date of birth   :  20 February 2000
Nationality      :  Indonesia
Ambition         :  a nurse

1.        The town where she was born is…..
a.         Fajar Indah
b.        Surakarta
c.         Central Java
d.        Surabaya
2.        Lia’s Nationality is…
a.         Indonesia
b.        Javanese
c.         Indonesian
d.        Surabaya
3.        Nick name for Lia Hermawan is…
a.         Herma
b.        Lia
c.         Hermawan
d.        Lia Hermawan
4.        What does she want to be?
a.         a singer
b.        a nurse
c.         a doctor
d.        a stewardess

Yudi is introducing himself to Albert, an American boy.

Yudi    :  Hello, my name is Yudi.  I am an
   Indonesian .  I stay at Mataram Street
   No. 18, Bandung.
Albert  :  Hi, Yudi.  My name is Albert.  I am an
               American.  My address is at 25
               Manhattan Street, New York.
Yudi    :  How old are you?
Albert  :  I’m 15 years old.  And you?
Yudi    :  Fourteen years old.

5.        What is Yudi’s nationality?
a.         Indonesian
b.        American
c.         Bandung
d.        New york
6.        Is Albert younger (lebih muda) than Yudi?
a.         No, he isn’t
b.        Yes, he is
c.         No, they aren’t
d.        Yes, they are
7.        Where is Yudi from? He is from…
a.         Bogor
b.        Mataram
c.         New York
d.        Bandung
8.        Who lives at Manhattan street?  …does.
a.    Yudi
b.    Boy
c.    Albert
d.   None
9.        Prita          : “Hello, do you do?”
Rita           : “Hello, Prita.—————“
Prita          : “Nice to meet you.”
Rita          : “Nice to meet you, too.”
a.         fine, thanks
b.        how are you.
c.         How do you do.
d.        It’s great to meet you.
10.    Donny      : “Hi, Jeremy. How do you do?
Jeremy      : “Hello, Donny. How do you do?
Donny     : “ It’s nice to meet you.”
Jeremy      : “———————-.”
a.         nice to meet you, too.
b.        I’m glad you like me.
c.         Yes, that’s right.
d.        Am I really nice?
11.    Angel        : “ How are you doing, Agnes?”
Agnes        : “——————-, thank you.”
a.         I’m glad to meet you.
b.        That’s alright
c.         I’m very well
d.        Nice to meet you
12.    Ricky   : “ Hi, Steven! How are thing?”
Steven  : “not too bad, thanks. And you?”
Ricky   : “——————–.”
a.    You are welcome
b.    That’s okay
c.     Fine, thanks
d.    How do you do?
13.    Jennifer     : ‘ How are you?”
Lourensia  : “fine, thanks.”
The underline word here means————-.
a.    very well
b.    it’s OK
c.    not at all
d.   certainly
14.    Vincentius  : “ How are you, Hansen?”
Hansen       :” Not too bad, thank you?”
The underlined word here  means________
a.    asking about health
b.    asking about weather
c.    telling about others
d.   introduction
15.    “ hello, how is everything?”
“———– , just fine.”
a.    hello
b.    oh, yeah
c.    that’s me
d.   how do you do
16.    The following is what you say to someone when you meet him/her at night?
a.    good night
b.    good day
c.    good evening
d.   good afternoon
17.     Stephany: “I’m afraid, I’ll have to go now?.
Hadi        : “ Do you have to go so soon?”
Stephany : “ Yes, good night, Hadi.”
Hadi        : “ Good night. See you tomorrow.
The underlined utterance means that
Stephany wanted ———-Hadi.
a.         to meet
b.        to invite
c.         to leave
d.        introduce
18.     You are sending a friend off at the airport. He is going on a holiday. Just before he boards the plane, you say to him:
a.         drive carefully
b.        I am fine
c.         Do come again
d.        Have a safe journey
19.    Before Indra goes to bed, he says to his parents:
a.         Thank you
b.        good bye
c.         good night
d.        so long
20.    Michael    :  Mr. Kevin , ………. my father.
Kevin       :  How do you do, Mr. Hendy.?
Michael    :  How do you do, Mr. Kevin.
a.         I’d like to introduce
b.        I want to invite
c.         I like you to visit
d.        I’m glad to help

Read the text and answet the questions!


Mr. and Mrs. Budi has one daughter and one son.  They are Tina and Tono.  Mr. Budi’s wife is Wati. She is a good mother.  Mr. budi has a sister, her name is Tuti.  Mr. Anto is Tuti’s husband.  Mr. Anto and Tuti have two sons.  They are Dedy and Amir.  They love their sons very much.  Mr. Slamet is Mr.Budifather.  His wife is Mrs. Mina.  They are Tina’s and Tino’s grandparents.  Dedi and Amir are their grandsons.

21.    Mr. and Mrs. Budi is Tina’s…………….
22.    Mr. Budi is Tuti’s…………..
23.    Mr. Budi is Wati’s………..
24.    Tuti is Dedi’s and Amir’s…………..
25.    Mr. Anto is Dedi’s………….
26.    Tono is Tuti’s………….
27.    Tuti is Tono’s……………
28.    Tina is Mr. Anto’s…………
29.    Mr. Budi is Amir’s……………
30.    Tina is Mrs. Mina’s………….
B. Writing

Writedown or introduce the description of your family members at least fifty words!

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