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test uk kls7 1

Question number 1 is based on the following conversation.
Teacher            : “Good morning, students …!”
Students          : “________, Miss.”
Teacher            : “Have you done your
Students          :”Yes …”

1.        The best response for the blank part in the conversation is …
a.       “Good Day,...”
b.      “Good night, ...”
c.       “Good morning, ...”
d.      “Good afternoon, ...”

Joshua : “Morning, Jack.”
Jack     : “Morning, Josh.”
Joshua : “How are you today?”
Jack     : “ ___________”
Joshua : “What’s wrong?”
Jack     : “I was typing my science assignment
              last night when the electricity went out.
              I haven’t saved the file and I didn’t have
              more time to retype it.”
Joshua : “Whoa, that’s too bad. I am sorry to
              hear that, buddy.”
Jack     : “Thanks, Josh.”
2.        The best expression to fill the blank is ….
a.    “I’m good.”
b.    “Not bad.”
c.    “I am so happy today.”
d.   “I am upset.”

3.        What have happened with Jack?
a.     He has science assignment.
b.    He doesn’t know how to type the science assignment.
c.     He hasn’t saved his file when the electricity went out.
d.    His computer is broken.

4.        How long John hasn’t seen Julia?
a.     during the holiday
b.    for a month
c.     for two weeks
d.    for an hour

My Family
My name is Randi. I am student of SMPN 1 PATI. I live on Jalan Panglima Sudirman no.23 Pati. My father is a doctor. My mother is a teacher.
 My parents have 3 children. Ely, the eldest, works as a programmer in a private company. Wulan is my second sister. We are Students. She goes to SMA 3 PATI. I really love my family.

5.        Who is Randi?
a.     He is an SMA student’s                     
b.    He is a doctor
c.     He is a teacher                                    
d.    He is an SMP student
6.        How many people are there in Mr Rahman’s family?
a.     Five                                        
b.    Three
c.     Four                                                    
d.    Two
7.        What is Randy’s mother?
a.     She is a programmer                           
b.    She is a student
c.     She is a teacher                                  
d.    She is a doctor
8.        How many children does Mr. Rahman have?
a.     Two                                                    
b.    Four    
c.     Three                                                  
d.    Five
9.        The main idea of the second paragraph is about…..
a.     The children in the family
b.    The parents’ job
c.     The jobs in the family                        
d.    The education
10.    Amir         : Hi, Jane how are you?
Jane          : ………………….. And you?
Amir         : I am fine too, thanks
a.     How do you do?                                
b.    Good morning
c.     Very good, thanks                             
d.    Yes, I am
11.    Rahmad    : Wawan, this is Dharma. Dharma
                   this is Wawan
Dharma    : How do you do, Wawan ?
Wawan      : …………………
a.     How are you, Dharma?                      
b.    What do you do, Dharma?
c.     How do you do, Dharma?                 
d.    Nice to meet you, too
12.    Ali            : What’s your ……?
Umar        : My name is Untung
a.     Job                                                      
b.    Phone number
c.     Address                                              
d.    Name
13.    Michael    : Where are you from?
Jordan      : …………………..
a.     My name’s Mike                                
b.    I am well, thanks a lot
c.     I am from Sulawesi                            
d.    I am from my grand mother
14.    Keisya      : Hi, Kiera. Are you coming to the
                   football game?
Keira        : Hi, Kiesya. Yes, I am coming to
                   the game
Keisya      : O.K. See you there. Bye
Keira        : ………………
a.       Good day                                           
b.      Good afternoon
c.       Good morning                                    
d.      Good bye

15.    The following are the meaning of the notice Except ....

                          no swimming

a.     No one is allowed to swim here.
b.    Swimming in this area is prohibited.
c.     Do not swim in this area when it is dangerous.
d.    To swim in this area is forbidden.

Read the text below to answer questions
To : Annisa Cibi
            Your Dad and I are visiting your grandma. Have your lunch and don’t wait for us. Water the flowers at 5.p. m and don’t forget to always lock the gate. We will be back in the evening. Just at home sweetie
                                                Anisa’s mother

16.    Who is the sender of the message?
a.     Grandma                                            
b.    Dad 
c.     Nancy                                                 
d.    Mummy
17.    Nancy must do the following things, except…..
a.     Waiting for her parents for lunch       
b.    Locking the gate
c.     Watering the flowers                         
d.    Having lunch
18.    “……….. to always lock  The underlined word means……
a.     To fasten something with a lock        
b.    To make the gate open
c.     To give a lock to some one                
d.    To let someone in
19.    Where are Anisa’s parents?
a.     At home                                             
b.    At grandma’s house
c.     At school                                            
d.    At the neighbor
20.    Who is the message for………….
a.     Nancy                                                 
b.    Dad
c.     Grandma                                            
d.    Mummy

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