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test ukkls7 2

1.        Sani : Son, can I borrow your pencil, please?
Soni: Sure. Here it is…..
Sani: Thank you
Soni:         …………….
a.     I am sorry                                           
b.    Thank you very much
c.     Don’t mention it                                
d.    That’s okay

2.        Ivan          : I don’t have any pencils.
                   ………, please?
Rehan       : Sure. Here you are
a.     Get me the pencil                               
b.    May I borrow yours
c.     What is this                                        
d.    Is this your pencil

3.        Usman      : …………explain it once more
  Sir please? I am still confused?
 Ardi          : Sure
a.     Would you                                         
b.    Shall be you
c.     May                                                    
d.    Must I
4.        John  : May I borrow your dictionary,Umar?
Umar : ……
a.    Sure                            
b.    Thank You
c.    Sorry, I can’t do it                  
d.   Yes, I am
5.        Mr.Umar : Can you get me the red board
                    marker, please?
Mr.Usman: ………, Sir. Here it is
a.     All right                                              
b.    Tomorrow
c.     Sorry, I can do it                                
d.    Yes, you are

Dear Azizah,
            I am afraid I will not be able to join our study club this afternoon. I have to see my dentist. I have got a problem with one of my teeth. Please send my best regard to Laila and Dinar
                                                Your faithfully,
                                                       Umar ali

6.        Why does the writer send the message?
a.    To send regards to Laila and Dinar    
b.    To tell Azizah that he can not come to the study
c.    To ask the reader to join the study club
d.   To tell Azizah that he has got problem with his dentist
7.        From the message we know that the writer……
a.    Has a problem                                    
b.    Does not know Laila
c.    Will join the study club                      
d.   Is a dentist
8.        “……. See my dentist…..” The underlined word means…..
a.    A person whose the job is to take care of people‘s teeth
b.    A person whose teeth are in a good condition
c.    A person who wants to visit a patient
d.   A person who likes to help people
9.        Buavita     : Campina always get 1st rank since
  she were in 7th grade. She
  must study very hard every
Walls        :  Yes, you are right. She is….
a.     Diligent student                                 
b.    Happy student
c.     Angry student                                    
d.    Strong student
10.    Irfan         : Mrs. Emi is still strong although
                   She is 70 years old
Fandi        : Yeah, you are right. She is ….
                   But she is very healthy
a.     Young woman                                   
b.    Old woman
c.     Young women                                   
d.    Old women

There will be a holiday camp next month. All scout members must join in this camp. The activity will take place at Bangunharjo camping sites and last for three days.
For further information, please contact Mr.Umar Banyumas, twenty first October 2012.
                        The Chief of Scout Organization
                                     Mr. Harold

11.    When will the activity be held?
a.    In October                              
b.    In July
c.    In June                                    
d.   In August
12.    If the camp starts in 21st     October, when will it be end?
a.    24th October                           
b.    24th August
c.    18th October                           
d.   18th August
13.    Who must join the activity?
a.    All students                                        
b.    All chiefs
c.    All Banyumas students                      
d.   All scouts members
14.    Aurell       : Az, do you know where our
  father is?
Azriel       :  ……………
Aurell       : I ask you “Do you know where
                   our father is “
a.     With pleasure                                     
b.    Excuse me
c.     I do beg your pardon                         
d.    Wow, that’s good idea
15.    Ananda    : Can I bring your bag?
Anandi     : Okay…..
Anada      : You are welcome
a.     Thanks a lot for yesterday                 
b.    Thank you very much
c.     Thanks for your money                      
d.    Many thanks for your book
16.    I …… teacher of SMP Harapan 3 Delitua VII Grade
a.    Is                                                        
b.    Are
c.    Am                                                     
d.   Were
This is a new school year and there are many new students around. Please be friendly and help them understand the rules of our school. Be good seniors
                                     The Head Master
                                    Mr. Gareng

17.    Where can you find this text?
a.    At a school                                         
b.    At a bank
c.    At a bookstore                                   
d.   At a park
18.    Why does the head master make the announcement ?
a.    To ask the students to be nice
b.    To let the students know that they have new juniors and help them
c.    To ask the students to contact their parents
d.   To inform about the new school year
19.    Who do you think reads the announcement?
a.    New students                                     
b.    Parents
c.    Seniors students                                 

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