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Selamat datang di web ini. Ada beragam materi sekolah dan informasi seputar pelajaran Islam. Mari kita merubah tujuan belajar untuk mengenal sang pemilik ilmu

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uts 7

1.            Anas and ……... are neighbours. We live on Jln. Kecipir.
a. you        b. Toni          c. I             d. Rina
2.            Listen! She's ... a beautiful song,
a. sing                          c.  singing    
b.sings                         d. to sing
3.            Where did you go a week ago?
a.  I go to Bandung       
b. I’m going to Bandung          
c. . I have gone to Bandung
d.   I went to Bandung

4.            X : How much is a cup of ... ?
         Y : Rp. 100,00 please.
a. . book                         c. eraser
b. coffee                         d. flower
5.            do you ride a bicycle?
a. Yes, I do              c. Yes, you can     
b. Yes, I can             d. Yes, you do
6.            Mr. X: Where does Susi live?
         Mr. Y: She ... on Jalan Cendana
a. lived                           c. lives
b. living                         d. live

Read the text carefully!
We often read books to get knowledge. But books can give us pleasure, too. When we are tired we read books to help us relax.
Some books can also take us to other pans of the world. By reading a book about Irian Jaya we may feel we are sitting in the jungles, not at home in our rooms.
Books can be very expensive. Therefore a lot of people go to libraries to borrow the books they want. Many famous people have got their knowledge from books. A lot of them did not go to school, but read books instead.

7.        Books are very important because
a. are very boring to read
b. can give us a lot of knowledge
c. make us very sad
d. didn’t give us pleasure
8.        What do you do if you want to get a lot of knowledge? We ... a lot of books
a. borrow and read            c. sell and buy
b. buy and give      d. look for and lend
9.        Vicky       : "Would you like to come to my sister's
wedding party next Sunday* Mr. Jones?"
Mr. Jones : "That's very kind of you, but I don't think I can.
Have, a nice party,"
Vicky : "Thank you, Sir."
The italic expression is used for ...
a. asking people to do things
b. asking for information '
c. introducing people
d. inviting people
10.              Student "Can you lend me an English book?"
Librarian "Of course, just a minute, here you are."
Student . "Thank you very much."
Librarian " ... "
a. I'd love to
b. We'd be glad to
c. Never mind
d. You are welcome

Read the text carefully!
One day Tommy was walking home from school. He saw a man coming out of a shop. The man was carrying a lot of things. He was walking toward his car. Suddenly something fell from his pocket. Tommy saw it, but the man did not.
Tommy ran and picked up the thing. It was a wallet.
"Sir! You dropped your wallet". Tommy called. The man stopped and turned round.  "You dropped your wallet," Tommy repeated. "Here it is. It fell from your pocket when you were walking." Tommy gave him the wallet. "Oh, thank you very much," the man said. "It's all right." Tommy answered. The man opened the wallet and took out some money.
"Here, this is for you," he said.
Tommy refused saying "I don't want the money, I just wanted to help you."
The man smiled and said, "All right, I'm not going to give you any money, but please, let me take you home."
"All right," Tommy said, and got into the car. In the car they talked about Tommy's school. Tommy was telling him about his friends when they arrived.
"This is my house," Tommy said. "Won't you come in? "
The man went with Tommy into the house. He met Tommy's parents and told them what had happened, Tommy's parents were very proud of their son.

11.  What did the man do after receiving something from Tommy?
He ...
a. dropped the wallet
b. opened it and took out some money
c. stopped and turned round
d. gave Tommy the wallet
12.  The best title of the text above is ...
a. A careless Boy                    c. A naughty Boy
b. An honest Boy                    d. An Unkind Boy
13.  Suddenly something fell. Tommy saw it.
"it" here refers to a ...
a. Boy                    b. Wallet         
c. bag                     d. purse
14.  He met Tommy's parents and told them what had happened, "them" here refers to ...
a.                                        the man and his parents    
b.                                       Tommy and the man
c.                                        Tommy and his parents                
d.                                       Mother and father

Taronga Zoo
Taronga Zoo is the major zoo in Australia. It is located in Sydney, New South Wales. It occupies a 33-hectare location. The name “taronga” is an Aboriginal name. It means “water view”.
The Zoo has Australia's finest collection of native Australian animals and many exotic species. It has kangaroos, wallabies, and koalas. Those animals can be seen from a close distance. There are platypuses, echidnas, and New Zealand kiwis in the Nocturnal House. There are also gorillas in the new Gorilla Tropical Forest. All animals in the zoo are kept very well. They are kept in the environment that is like their natural habitat.
Taronga is usually used as a site for scientific research, conservation, and education. It also offers a range of educational and special interest tours.
15.              Where is Taronga Zoo located?
    1. It is located in Sydney, Australia.
    2. It is located in New Zealand.
    3. It is located in New York.
    4. It is located in the Aboriginal site.
16.              Where in Taronga Zoo can you find New Zealand kiwis?
a.          In the Tropical Forest.
b.         In the south of the zoo.
c.          In the Nocturnal House.
d.         In New Zealand.
17.              Andi : What do you think about our new classroom?
Freddy : …. We need to clean it.
    1. I think it’s too small
    2. I think it’s very untidy
    3. I think it’s very dirty
    4. I think there are too many pictures

18.               X : Get up, please. Riko.
Y : In a minute, Mom. I'm still sleepy.
X : Come on. Have a shower right now, or you'll be
late for school.
Where does the dialogue take place?
a.     In the office
b.    At home
c.     In class
d.    In the library
19.              Dony : ... do you go fishing?
Deni : Once a week.
    1. How far
    2. How long
    3. How often
    4. how far
20.              Mr. Ahmad has seven children. The oldest and youngest … in Bandung.
a. live               b. lives            
c. lived                        d. has lived
21.              That high building is Mutiara Hotel … school lies behind it,
a. we          b. us       c. our             d. she

Rani is a ……..(22)……… a penpals club. She often…….(23)……..some letter and postcard from her penfriends. She also sends some postcard and letter to them. Most of her penfriends are as her age. They study in Junior high school. Some of them have the same hobby as Rani. Yesterday dafa, one of her penfriends wrote her a ……..(24)….. She planed to visit her …….(25)….. but she didn’t know how to get to her place. So she needed her information. Rani felt very happy to know this news. As soon as she finished to read her letter., Rani sent her a letter telling which bus she had to take and she would….. (26) ….. her in the bus station.

22.  a member of                      c. organization of
b. participation                  d. part of
23.  a. keeps                             c. receives
b. sees                                d. finds
24.  a. newspaper                     c. magazine
b. postcard                        d. novel
25.  a. this morning                  c. yesterday
b. today                             d. next holidays
26.  a. call                                 c. accompany
b. pick up                          d. see
Ruri and her cousins were in the zoo. They got there by motorcycle. Tom bought three tickets before the entered the zoo. The ticket window officer received Rp = 15.000.00 for the ticket payment. After saying thank you, they went to the entrance gate. The guard let them get in the zoo area after Tom gave him the tickets.
         First, the saw the tigers and the lions’ cage, They heard that the white tiger had two babies.
When they got there, they saw how funny they were. Then they went to the birds’ cage. Ruri and Dita admired the beauty of the paradise birds. They could not understand why irresponsible hunters like to shot those kind of birds in the forest. They heard that these species were almost extinct because of them.

27.  .why were the species of the  paradise birds extinct ?
a.        because they did not eat  enough seeds
b.       because the did not live in the forest
c.        because they irresponsible hunters shot
d.       because the could not  survive In the
28.          28.    the word “them” in “these species were almost extinct because of them” refers to……..
a.                           hunters                       c. the tigers
b.                             the animals                 d. cendrawasih


29.               How will she pay the shopping stuff? She  will pay by……
a.                    .By cash
b.                    By giro
c.                    By cheque
d.                   By credit card
30.         Andi : Fredy is very careless. What do you think about that?
Sanusi : ... He often forgets where he puts his keys.
a.              I cannot feel that it is right
b.              I don’t think so
c.              I think that’s wrong
d.             I think you are right

Jelly can be made very simply by following these directions. You will need one packet of jelly crystals, a 500 ml jug, 250 m of boiling water, 200 m of cold water, and a bowl.
1. Empty contents of a packet of jelly crystals
     into the jug.
2. Add boiling water.
3. Stir well until crystals dissolve.
4. Add the cold water and stir.
5. Pour the mixture into a bowl.
6. Refrigerate it until firm.

31.  What is the main idea of the text?
a.Jelly can be made very simply
b. There are six steps in making jelly
c. You will need five ingredients to make
d. We use a refrigerator to freeze the jelly

32. Asep          : You look very busy with that
                          assignment. Would you like me
                          to help you?
      Adi            : ... I must do it by myself.
a. Thank you, I would
b. That would be very nice
c. That’s very kind of you, but it’s an individual
d. Yes, please. I really need a help

33. Angelina : Fredy is a nice person. Don’t you
                        think so?
      Elizabeth : ... He always likes to help anyone
                           in need.
a. You’re right
b. I’m not sure
c. That’s wrong
d. I really don’t think so


Why do you think the son is afraid of being injected?
a. Because an injection is dangerous
b. Because of the syringe
c. Because of the frightening doctor.
d. Because he wants to get better.

Dear Sandra
Why don’t we go and see the music concert next Saturday night? Our favorit band will perform.
Let’s meet at the bus station at 6 p.m

35. Why did Tina write a message to Sandra?
a. To ask Sandra to meet at the bus station at 6  p.m.
b.  To invite Sandra to see a music concert.
c. To tell Sandra she’s going to a music concert.
d. To inform about a music concert.

36. Ferly likes collecting stamps, he is a good....
a. scientist            b. philatelist
c. collector                        d. journalist

Dear Lia,
I’m writing to you concerning of my last day in Jogya. I just go back from Borobudur, the wonderful temple I’ve ever seen. The weather is fine. We are now staying in a hotel. It’s not far from Malioboro. We are treated well here. It has many excellent staff who serve the customers. We plan to go around Maliboro after the children take a short nap. We want to enjoy having ”lesehan” there. It is a kind of a restaurant but we sit on the ground.
Many kinds of local handicraft are sold along Malioboro street. Both domestic and foreign tourist are interested in them. I want to buy some as souvenirs. Don’t worry, I’ll also buy you the most interesting one.
37. The text gives us information about . . . .
a. the wonderful Borobudur temple
b. the souvenirs to be bought
c. Sita’s last day in Jogya
d. a comfortable hotel near Malioboro
38. Who is the letter from?
a. customers                             b. the hotel staffs
c. Lia                           d. Sita
39. the staff serve the customers except.....
a. Proudly                      b. Interestingly
c. Badly             d. Nicely

Indonesian businessman Wardono, director of a company in Central Jakarta, travels to work everyday in a helicopter. He ......... (40) to drive to work from his home in Bogor. One day he had a bad accident and decided not to drive a car again. He……. ... (41) the helicopter and quickly learned to .............. (42) it. Now he gets to works in twenty minutes.
40. a. uses                                c. is using
      b. used                               d. will use
41. a. is buying                        c. bought
      b. will buy                         d. buys
42. a. fly                                  c. is flying
      b. flew                               d. will fly

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