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Selamat datang di web ini. Ada beragam materi sekolah dan informasi seputar pelajaran Islam. Mari kita merubah tujuan belajar untuk mengenal sang pemilik ilmu

Cari Materi sesuai label :



uts 9

PediaCare Long Acting Cough, Liquid, Grape
4 oz (120 ml)
Package Details
Relieves Coughs up to 8 hours
Non-Drowsy, Alcohol Free, Sugar Free
Dextromethorphan HBr, oral solution, cough suppressant.
PediaCare® Long-Acting Cough effectively relieves your child's cough symptoms for up to 8 hours without drowsiness. It's alcohol-free, and its sweet grape flavor tastes great.
Each teaspoonful contains: sodium 19 mg
PediaCare®. Recommended by Pediatricians. Trusted by Moms®.

Temporarily relieves cough associated with the common cold.
If needed, repeat dose every 6-8 hours. Do not exceed 4 doses in 24 hours
• Children 6 to under 12 years - 2 teaspoonfuls
• Children 2 to under 6 years - 1 teaspoonful
• Children under 2 years - consult a doctor
Store in carton until contents are used. Store at 68° to 77° F. Do not use if the printed Pfizer band around cap is broken or missing.
Stop use and consult a doctor if cough persists for more than one week, tends to recur or is accompanied by fever, l rash, or persistent headache.
Keep out of reach of children. In case of overdose, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right

15. The text is taken from the label of … produced by Pedia Care.
A. antibacterial lotion
B. fever medicine
C. cough syrup
D. antibiotic
16.  “Pedia Care Long Acting Cough, Liquid, Grape.” The underlined word has the same
meaning as….
A. fluid                B. frozen                    
C. gas                   D. hard
Read the text and answer questions 17 to 22.

Fruits are a source of nourishing substances that keep us alive and healthy. For example, they contain many vitamins, especially vitamins A and C, and many minerals, such as calcium, potassium, and zinc. They also provide fiber for a healthy digestive system and carbohydrates that the body needs to make energy. They don’t have a lot of calories to make us fat.
People use fruits for many things. We make juices from them. We cook bread and pie with them. We make jams and jellies and sweets. We freeze them to eat later. We even make alcohol from fruit. Beer comes from grains, wine comes from grapes, and some brandies are made from plums, apricots, or other fruits.
But most of the time, we don’t do anything special with fruits. We eat them fresh, just as they are!

17. What is the text about?
A. Vitamins.                B. Energy.                  
C. Fruits.                     D. Minerals.
18. What is the main idea of the second paragraph?
A. We make juice from fruits.
B. People use fruits for many things.
C. Some beer and brandies are made of fruits.
D. We freeze fruits to eat whenever we need later.
19. Which substance do we need to have a healthy digestive system?
A. Vitamins.                B. Calories.                
C. Fiber.                      D. Carbohydrate.

20. People can be fat because they eat a lot of … .
A. sweets                    B. poultry                   
C. cereal                      D. avocado

21.  “ We freeze them to eat later.” ( par.2 ) The word”freeze” in the sentence is similar in
       meaning to … .
A. liquidate                 B. ice up                     
C. preserve                  D. cool
22. “We eat them fresh, just as they are!” (last paragraph) The word “they” in the sentence refer
A. Fruits.                     B. Jams.                      
C. Jellies.                     D. Sweets.
Read the text and answer questions 23 and 24.

Bram ….
I just got a bad news. As you know Nita’s father is hospitalized. He passed away last night. Please forward this message to our friends.

23. Who just passed away?
A. Jack’s father.
B. Bram’s friend.
C. Nita’s father.
D. Writer’s father

24. “As you know Nita’s father is hospitalized.” The underlined word refers to … .
A. Jack                                    B. Bram                      
C. Reader                                D. Nita’s father
Read the text to answer questions 25 to 27.

A free-from swimming pool offers a relaxing range of options; a tropical oasis which includes a lap pool and terrace bar. Sun loungers and pavilion areas create ample space for leisure and a regular program of water sports and activities is held daily.
A full-equipped gymnasium, health club and massage center is available for guest use, with experienced health and fitness professionals to provide expert assistance. At poolside, the Laguna Pool Terrace serves drinks and light meals throughout the day

25. What is the text about?
A. The benefits of a hotel in Bali.
B. A description of a hotel in Bali.
C. An information of a hotel in Bali.
D. An advertisement of a hotel in Bali.
26. Where should you go if you want to get some meals?
A. At Sun loungers and pavilion terrace.
B. At the Laguna Pool Terrace.
C. At a tropical oasis.
D. At poolside.

27. “… and pavilion areas create ample space for …” The underlined word has same meaning
      with … .
A. big                           B. wide                      
C. large                        D. plenty

Read the following text and answer questions 27 to 29.


Once upon time, a man had a wonderful parrot. There was no other parrot like it. The parrot could say every word, except one word. The parrot would not say the name of the place where it was born. The name of the place was Catano.
The man felt excited having the smartest parrot but he could not understand why the parrot would not say Catano. The man tried to teach the bird to say Catano, however the bird did not say the word.
At first, the man was very nice to the bird but then he got very angry. “You stupid bird!” pointed the man to the parrot. “Why can’t you say the word? Say Catano! Or I will kill you” the man said angrily. Although he tried hard to teach, the parrot would not say it. Then the man got so angry and shouted to the bird over and over; “Say Catano or I’ll kill you”. The bird kept not to say the word of Catano.
One day, after he had been trying so many times to make the bird say Catano, the man really got very angry. He could not bear it. He picked the parrot and threw it into the chicken house. There were four old chickens for next dinner “You are as stupid as the chickens. Just stay with them” Said the man angrily. Then he continued to humble; “You know, I will cut the chicken for my meal. Next it will be your turn, I will eat you too, stupid parrot”. After that he left the chicken house.
The next day, the man came back to the chicken house. He opened the door and was very surprised. He could not believe what he saw at the chicken house. There were three death chickens on the floor. At the moment, the parrot was standing proudly and screaming at the last old chicken; “Say Catano or I’ll kill you”.

27.  Why does the man feel so angry with the parrot?
A. It can say everything except Catano.
B. It couldn’t say everything.
C. It was a parrot like others.
D. It was a stupid parrot.
28. From the text we learn that … .
A. we have to respect others
B. we have to imitate others
C. we are not allowed to force others to do something
D. we must not have the feeling as higher creature than others
29.   “… the parrot was standing proudly and screaming at the last old chicken …”
The word “proudly” nearly means …
A. arrogantly               B. bravely                   
C. smugly                    D. humbly

Read the following announcement and answer questions30 to 31.
FRIDAY January 25TH, 2010
There will be a girls’ basketball short meeting right after school this afternoon in the school library. The meeting is expected to last around 45 minutes and finish by 5. Every member needs to be present in this important meeting.
Should anyone unable to attend the meeting, find Mr. Elder for permission and further details about the agenda.
Looking forward to seeing you all in the meeting.

30.  When will the meeting start?
A. Around 4.05 p.m.
B. At about 4.15 p.m
C. At 4.50 p.m
D. At 5.00 p.m
31.  What should a student do if she is not able to attend the meeting?
A. Go home.
B. Go to the library.
C. Ask for permission from Mr. Elder.
D. Let the class teacher know about her absence.

Read the following text to answer questions 32 to 35.
Bees are flying insects closely related to wasps and ants, and are known for their role in pollination and for producing honey and beeswax. There are nearly 20,000 known species of bees in nine recognized families though many are undescribed and the actual number is probably higher. They are found on every continent except Antarctica, in every habitat on the planet that contains insect-pollinated flowering plants.
Bees have a long proboscis (a complex "tongue") that enables them to obtain the nectar from flowers. They have antennae almost universally made up of 13 segments in males and 12 in females, as is typical for the super family. Bees all have two pairs of wings, the hind pair being the smaller of the two; in a very few species, one sex or caste has relatively short wings that make flight difficult or impossible, but none are wingless.
The smallest bee is Trigona minima, a stingless bee whose workers are about 2.1 mm (5/64") long. The largest bee in the world is Megachile pluto, a leafcutter bee whose females can attain a length of 39 mm (1.5"). Members of the family Halictidae, or sweat bees, are the most common type of bee in the Northern Hemisphere, though they are small and often mistaken for wasps or flies.

32.  What is the text about?
A. Describing bees in general.
B. Explaining bees in Antarctica.
C. Telling the habitat of the bees.
D. Giving information about bees in the Northern Hemisphere.
33. What is the main idea of paragraph one?
A. Bees live on every continent.
B. Bees belong to flying insects.
C. Bees produce honey and beeswax.
D. Bees only live with insect-flowering plants.
34  Which of the following sentences is one of the physical appearances of the bees?
A. None has wings.
B. It has 13 antennae.
C. Its length is 39 mm.
D. Its tongue is complex.
35.  “They are found on every continent except Antarctica,…” The word “they” refers to … .
A. ants                         B. bees           
C. insects                     D. flying insects

Read the following text and answer questions 36 to 39.


Making coloured and scented candles is really quick and simple. What's more, you'll save so much money. If making candle is easy, why do you ever buy one from a shop? What you need in making candle are wax, moulds, wick, dye discs, essential oils, and a double boiler. All these materials are available from craft shops. Or if you do not want to buy them, you can improvise with an old saucepan, Pyrex jug, or even a sturdy can, in a pot of water. After providing the materials, follow this procedure or instruction in making candles!
First of all, melt the wax. All wax has a flash point, so to prevent it bursting into flames; you must melt it in a double boiler, with water in the bottom of the pan.
Then, prepare the mould with the wick. Thread the wick through the mould and make sure that you leave a good few centimeters sticking out of the hole in the bottom.
After that, add the scent. If you want a scented candle, add a few drops of essential oil to the melted wax. You can use any essential oil you like, as long as it doesn't contain water.
Next step, pour the wax into the mould. Try and tip the wax into the mould quickly, all in one go, to minimize spillage and air bubbles.
Then, release the bubbles and top it up. Releasing the air bubbles will eventually make the candle sink, so you will need to top it up with more melted wax.
Finally, remove it from the mould. After four or five hours, the candle can be taken out of its mould.
Your candle is now ready for display. Remember, you must always leave it for a day before lighting it.
36.  What does paragraph one tell us about?
A. The steps in making candles.
B. The materials we need in making candles.
C. The goal of the text in making candles.
D. The way to make candles.
37.  What should you do after melting the wax?
A. Pour the melting wax into the mould.
B. Remove the melting wax from the mould.
C. Prepare the mould with the wick.
D. Release the bubbles and top it up.
38.  Where can you buy the materials for making candle?
A. At the handicraft shop.
B. At the super market.
C. At the stall.
D. At the craft shop.
39.  “…, so to prevent it bursting into flames you …” The word “bursting” means …
A. exploding               B. melting                  
C. satisfying                D. becoming
Read the text and answer questions 40 to 44.

Dear Dr. Hambali Sahali,
We would like to invite you and your staff to visit our school SMP Duta Bangsa, where we are engaged in an exciting service learning project.
Service-learning is a teaching method that engages our students in solving problems within their school and communities as an integral part of their academic studies. It is hoped that students master important curriculum content by making meaningful connection between what they study and its real-life applications. Besides, students become more effective citizens through acts of kindness, community stewardship and civic action. This effort is made possible with support from Learn and Serve America, a program of the corporation for National and Community Service.
May we suggest that you visit us on January 11, 2010 at 10 o’clock? This will give you an opportunity to see our program in action. We have also invited our community partners, members of the local media, and several families of students whom we serve. They are eager to talk to you about the importance of investing in service-learning activities in our local community.
We have enclosed a one page profile of our program for your reference. I will contact your office within the next two weeks to follow-up on this invitation. Again, we do hope you can join us on this occasion.
Thank you very much for your consideration.
Andy Sehatapi

40. The text above is about … .
A. having a National and Community Service
B. doing a program to promote better education
C. informing someone about a special program
D. inviting people to attend a school activity
41.  What does the second paragraph of the text tell us about?
A. The persons who have been invited.
B. The purpose of service-learning project.
C. The importance of local media in project.
D. The opportunity to see a program in action.
42.  Dr. Sahali is supposed to come on January 11, 2010 to … the service learning project in
A. enable him to watch
B. get a special experience with
C. open officially
D. ask questions related to
43. The text shows that Dr. Hambali Sahali is …
A. new school principal
B. government official
C. teacher on duty
D. next teacher
44. “ … and several families of students whom we serve.” What does the underlined word mean?
A. Work for.                            B. Start doing.           
C. Spend time.                        D. Provide food.
44  “This will give you an opportunity to see our program in action.” (par. 3)
      What does the word “this” in the sentence refer to?
A. The school cooperation.
B. The principal’s program.
C. The effort of the school.
D. Dr. Sahali’s visiting time.

  For questions 45 and 46 choose the best word to complete the paragraph.

Here are some ... (45) on how to be a successful English learner. First, don't be ... (46) of making mistakes. Second, use every opportunity to practice your English. At last, be an optimistic person.
45.  A.  tips                 B.  clues          C.  plans                      D.  rules
46.  A.  afraid              B.  proud         C.  brave                      D.  shy

47. Arrange the following jumble words to make a good sentence.
a phone call – her – there – for – was – the geography teacher – was teaching – while
         1             2        3         4       5                   6                                7                   8
A. 8 – 6 – 7 – 3 – 5 – 1 – 4-- 2
B. 8 – 2 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 1
C. 6 – 7 – 2 – 8 – 3 – 5 – 1 – 4
D. 3 – 5 – 1 – 4 – 6 – 8 – 2 – 7
48.  Arrange the following jumble words to make a good sentence.
       Not to use – with – for water – be careful – the pump – except – other liquid
              1             2           3                  4                 5                 6              7
A. 5 – 4 – 1 – 7 – 2 – 3 – 6
B. 4 – 1 – 5 – 2 – 7 – 6 – 3
C. 7 – 4 – 6 – 5 – 2 –1 – 3
D. 4 – 1 – 7 – 2 – 5 – 3 – 6
49.  Arrange the following sentences to make a good paragraph .
1. Jack had an accident a few days ago.
2. Jill went to the hospital too visit him.
3. He is still in the hospital now.
4. She is at the hospital now.
5. He had to go to hospital.
A. 1-4-3-5-2
B. 1-3-5-4-2
C. 1-2-3-4-5
D. 1-5-3-2-4
50.  Arrange the following sentences to make a good paragraph
1. Nature’s recycling programme for water is called the water cycle.
2. Rain or snow eventually finds their way back to the ocean.
3. Water falls from the air as rain or snow.
4. Water goes from the ocean, lakes, and rivers into the air.
5. One of the things nature recycles is water.
6. Did you know that nature recycles too?
7. Maybe you recycle cans, glass, and paper.
A. 7-6-5-4-3-2-1
B. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7
C. 5-6-3-4-7-1-2
D. 2-1-4-3-6-7-5

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