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soal latihan akhir tujuh

 Read the  text  below and answer questions 1 to 5.

My name is Dewi. I live in a small house. It has five rooms. There are two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen. Indeed, it is a small house, but I like living in here for wasting my spare time.

When the door is open, I can see the living room. It is so small with only three chairs and a table. I prefer reading a novel in this room.

My bedroom is in the left side of the living room. In this room, there is a night table lamp next to the bed, a television, a radio and a computer. When being bored of reading, I usually play online games, chat with my friends via facebook,

Next to my bedroom is my mother's room. In the right side of the living room is a kitchen. In the kitchen, I have everything I need when I get hungry. It is very pleasure when my mother cooks. The smell fills my whole house. I love my house very much.

1.        What does the text talk about?
a.         Dewi's house
b.        Dewi's room
c.         Dewi's bedroom
d.        Dewi's living room
2.        Where is her bedroom?
a.         It's in the right side of the kitchen
b.        It's in the right side of living room
c.         It's in the left side of the kitchen
d.        It's in the left side of living room
3.        Where does she read a novel? She reads a novel in the ....
a.         kitchen
b.        bathroom
c.         bedroom
d.        living room
4.        How many rooms are there in the house?
a.         3
b.        4
c.         5
d.        6
5.        What does she do when she feels bored?
a.         She plays with her friends
b.        She cooks in the kitchen
c.         She helps her mother
d.        She plays online games

Read the following text and answer
questions 6 to 10.

He ... ( 6 ) Mr. Peter. He ..... (7 ) English language. He likes to help his students whom have difficulties. He is very kind. He is my best teacher. He .... (8 ) to school by car. ....(9 ) favorite color is black. His favorite food is meat ball. His hobby is reading. He ... (10 ) sharp eyes. His hair is straight. Mr.Peter is a teacher. We love him very much.

6.         a. are
      b. is
      c. am
      d. has
7.         a. teaches
      b. watches
      c. writes
      d. reads
8.         a. going
      b. am going
      c. goes
      d. are go
9.         a. her
      b. his
      c. it's
      d. their
10.     a. has
      b. have
      c. having
      d. hope

Read the following text and answer
questions 11 to 13.

My Holiday in Flores
I went to Flores last month. I went there to visit Australian Volunteer English teachers in Maumere, Ende and Bajawa. As a result, I also enjoyed the beauty of the island.
I started my first day in Maumere with Jo Keating. After visiting several schools in the city, we took an amazing journey over the mountains to the south coast. We visited a new junior high school there. Then, I traveled to Ende to meet Sharon Kidman. Ende has a great market with a lovely selection of traditional woven ikat cloth, and great seafood.
My next trip was to Detusoko. It is a mountain village. I went there with Ginny Edwards. Detusoko is not far from Mount Kelimutu. We woke up at 4 am to see the three different coloured lakes at dawn. It was truly inspiring.
My final trip was to Bajawa. It is a small town high in the mountains. It was a very cold place. Yet my trip was fun and memorable. I would like to go back to Flores one day.

11.    Where did the writer go on his first day?
a.    Ende.
b.    Maumere.
c.    the mountain village.
d.   Mount Kelimutu.

12.    Where did the writer go after visiting Ende?
a.    Bajawa.
b.    Detusoko.
c.    Maumere.
d.   Mount Kelimutu.

13.    What was the writer's last destination?
a.    Bajawa.
b.    Detusoko.
c.    Maumere.
d.   Mount Kelimutu

Read the following text and answer
questions 14 to 17.

Curried Rice

         1 cup uncooked rice
         2 tablespoons butter
         1 teaspoon curry powder
         1/2 chopped onion
         1/2 cup raisins
         2 cups water
Curried Rice
·         Find a large saucepan or frying pan which has a lid, place on a medium heat, add butter, and then add chopped onion. Cook the onion for a couple of minutes until it starts to brown slightly.
·         Add curry powder stir with onions for a minute.
·         Add raisins, rice, and water.
·         Put on lid and simmer until water is absorbed (about 15 minutes)
14.    What does the text tell you?
a.         How to make curried rice.
b.        How to buy curried rice.
c.         How to get curried rice.
d.        How to find curried rice.
15.    The following is NOT the ingredient to make curried rice ..
a.         2 cups water Wild Animals                                            
b.        African Animals

16.    Which statement is not true according to the text ?
a.     Lions and tigers prey on antelope.
b.    Some countries have a law against
c.     Wild Animal do not live in the forests.
d.    Most of the wild animals belong to prairie

17.    Wild animals can found in many places. except …………………..
a.     prairie                         
b.    zoo                   
c.     forest              
d.    beach
b.        1 teaspoon curry powder
c.         1 cup uncooked rice
d.        2 teaspoons sugar
18.    We need ... minutes to cook the curried rice.
a.         20
b.        15
c.         5
d.        25
19.    How much raisins is needed to cook curried rice?
a.         2 cups.
b.        1 cup.
c.         1/2 cup.
d.        5 cup.

Read the following text and answer
questions 18 to 20.

                Lions, tigers, bears and wolves are wild animals. Most of them belong to a prairie community. The basic life of prairie consists of the grasses. The grassland  extend across central Africa. The grass and other plants support large population of animals. Many kinds of antelope, zebras, giraffes and other creatures graze on the grass. Preying on them are lions and leopards.
                Lions and tigers prey on antelope, zebras and giraffes. Wolves and mountain lions prey the deer. When deer are very numerous, their enemies become numerous too, because there is so much to feed upon.
                Wild animal are found on a prairie, in the polar areas, in the forest and grasslands, and in the desert.
                In some countries there is a law against hunting wild animals. If someone breaks the law, he or she will surely be fined  or punished.

20.    The suitable title of the text above is……………………..
c.         Prairie Community                                 
d.        Population of Animals

Read the following text and answer
questions 21 to 22.
My friend, Hendry, is a diligent and smart student in his school. He gets up at 4.00 a.m. every morning. He always goes to school earlier than his friends. He goes to school by public transport and he sometimes goes home by motorcycle with his uncle. He’s never absent. After school he usually helps his parents. They have a cloth store beside their house. In the evening he studies his lesson and he does the assignments given by his teacher. He seldom watches TV. He hardly ever goes to bed late.

21.    How does Hendry go to school?
a.     on foot
b.    by motorcycle
c.     by train
d.    by public transport

22.    What is Hendry like?
a.     He is diligent and smart student.
b.    He goes to school with his uncle.
c.     He’s sometimes absent in his classroom.
d.    He does his assignment after going back from school.

Read the following text and answer questions 23 to 25.

Do you know that some bajai in Jakarta have been replaced by new micro cars called mobil kancil, has been operating as public transport in some areas in Jakarta for some months now. These 400 cc cars only fit 4 people including the driver and are said to be environmentally friendlier than the traditional bajai. These smart cars are expected to be used not only in Jakarta but but also in Bali and Medan in near future. Can you imagine if all bemos or public transports are replaced by these mini cars?
23.    What is the text about?
a.         Bajai in Jakarta.
b.        Public transport.
c.         Bemos
d.        Mobil Kancil.

24.    Where will Mobil Kancil be used ?
a.     In Jakarta, Bali and Medan.
b.    In Jakarta.
c.     In Bali.
d.    In Medan.
25.    Mobil Kancil can carry........People.
a.     four    
b.    six
c.     five     
d.    seven

Read the following text and answer
 questions 26 to 28.
Dear Hasri,
Hi friend, here I invite you to my 15th birthday party
Date : Sunday, 17 Mei 2009
Time : 4 p.m.
Place : My house, Jl. Martadinata no.57
Please, arrive on time! Without you the party will be different.


26.    What time  the Halima's birthday party will be held ?
a.     At 4 p.m.
b.    At Jl. Martadinata no.57
c.     At her house
d.    On May 15

27.    In what year was Halima born? 
a.     1996
b.    1995
c.     1994
d.    1993

28.    Halima hopes that Hasri ......
a.     sings and dances
b.    wears new dress
c.     attends her party
d.    brings a present

Read the following text and answer
questions 29 to 32.

Name of Passenger : Monica Colandem
From    : New York La Guardia
To        : Los Angeles
Carrier   Flight  Class  Date  Time  Gate Seat Smoke
TU         740     V     8 May 11.30    67  12A   NO

29.    What is the text about ?
a.     Ticket for a concert
b.    Boarding pass from an airline flight
c.     Registration from for classes.
d.    Bus ticket.

30.    Where will Monica Colandem go ?
a.     New York
b.    Los Angeles
c.     Airport
d.    America

31.    When will Monica Colandem go to Los Angeles?
a.     At 11.30, 8 May
b.    Before 11.30, 8 May
c.     After 11.30, 8 May
d.    At flight 740

32.    Where will Monica Colandem sit ?
a.     Seat V            
b.    Seat 12 A
c.     Seat 67           
d.    Seat 740

Read the following text and answer
questions 33 to 36.
SPORT is physical activity in which people compete against each other. Sport also make us healthy. Nodaway, sport is supposed to be an industry. All about sports see goes into business, entertainment, life style. We can David Beckham! He is famous not only because he is an athlete but also a metro sexual man. Whatever he does outside the football field always influences the world!

33.    What is the text mostly about ?
a.     Sport  
b.    Business
c.     Healthy          
d.    Entertainment

34.    From the text we know that David Beckham is ........
a.     An entertainer.
b.    A businessman.
c.     A football manager
d.    An athlete and a metro sexual man.

35.    "He is famous not only because he is an athlete but also ...." Line 6. The underline word has the same meaning as ...
a.     happy
b.    handsome
c.     well-known    
d.    diligent

36.    We should do sport because ......
a.     Sport can influence other people.
b.    Sport can make us healthy.
c.     We can see David Beckham.
d.    We can be famous

Read the following text and answer
questions 37 to 40.

My name is Nuri. I have a hamster. It is small and cute. I call it "Kao". My grandfather gave it last week. Kao has three different colors, they are white, brown, and black. Kao's ears are small. It always squeaks in the time I come to close  its cage. I feed it every morning. Kao likes to eat some leaves and grass. I take the grass from the field near my house. Kao looks happy eating the grass. I really love Kao.

37.    What does the text tell us about?
a.         Nuri's hamster
b.        a cute hamster
c.         a small hamster
d.        funny hamster

38.    Who gave Nuri  a hamster?
a.         her father
b.        her mother
c.         her grandfather
d.        her uncle

39.    Does Kao eating grass?
a.         Yes, it is
b.        Yes , it does
c.         No, it doesn't
d.        No, it isn't

40.    "Kao looks happy eating the grass." The similar meaning of the underlined word is ....
a.         glad   
b.        patient
c.         kind
d.        friendly

41.    Mother     :"Where is your father?"    
Nia           : "Father is in the .... He is going to
  take a bath."
a.         bedroom
b.        living room
c.         dining room
d.        bathroom

42.    Raisa   : "Where should I put these clean
              plates, mom?"
Momy : "Put them in the cupboard in the ...."
a.         living room
b.        bathroom
c.         dining room
d.        garage

43.    My uncle is a .... He works in the kitchen of a restaurant every day.
a.         barber
b.        chef
c.         butcher
d.        teacher

44.    This is a thing in the pencil case. It is made of wood. It is used to write. It is a ....
a.         eraser
b.        pen
c.         pencil
d.        book

Read the following text and answer
questions 45 to 47.

Nina    : "Who has this eagle?"
Niko    : "My brother has".
Nina    : "Where does he buy?"
Niko    : "He buys in the bird market."
Nina    : "He likes an eagle because it has strong
              claws and a strong beak, and it also
              can catch its prey quickly".
Niko    : "What do you think about it?"
Nina     : "I think it is one of the best predators that
               I know".

45.     Who has an eagle?
a.         Niko's brother
b.        Nina
c.         Niko
d.        Nina's brother

46.    Where does he buy the eagle?
a.         bird market
b.        greengrocer
c.         stationary
d.        canteen

47.    These are characteristics of an eagle, except ....
a.         It has strong claws
b.        It can't catch its prey quickly
c.         It has a strong beak
d.        It can catch its prey quickly

From no. 48 to 50 complete the dialogue below!

Mrs. Haris  : Excuse _______(48).
Librarian    : Sure. What can I do for you?
Mrs. Haris  : I forget to return the book today.
Librarian    : OK, don’t ________(49) to return   it
Mrs. Haris   : Sure I promise.
Librarian     : It’s okay.
Mrs. Haris   : _________(50) very much.

48.    a. me                     c. you
b. I                       d. We

49.    a. forgetting         c. forget
b. forgot                           d. forgetful

50.    a. Ok                    c. thank you
b. Thank               d. all right

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