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Selamat datang di web ini. Ada beragam materi sekolah dan informasi seputar pelajaran Islam. Mari kita merubah tujuan belajar untuk mengenal sang pemilik ilmu

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Read the text to answer questions 13 to 15.
       Edinburgh, 19 November 2011
Dear John,
I told you that I was going to England, but actually I was heading for Scotland. I applied for a job and I went for an interview yesterday. The manager and the factory supervisor interviewed me. At first I found it difficult to understand them but I managed to answer all their questions. I’ll know on Friday before I return whether I get the job or not.
Tomorrow I plan to go to the National Museum of Scotland, the Palace of Holy Roodhouse, the Queen’s residence when she’s in Scotland. I’m going to spent a few more days here enjoying the city which I hope will become my home for the next few years.
I’ll ring you when I hear something about my job on Friday.


13.    Where is Peter writing the letter from?
a.         Edinburgh
b.         Scotland
c.         England
d.         His home
14.    We know that Peter
a.         will call his friend after getting a job.
b.         hopes to stay in Edinburgh for a few days.
c.         will get the interviewresult on Friday.
d.         will go to see National Museum in Edinburgh.
15.    The word “heading” in I was heading for Scotlandcould be replaced with...
a.         living in.
b.         going to.
c.         staying in.
d.         moving to.
16.         Which of the following sentence best explains the above sign ?
a.         If you break any of the articles, you should pay for it.
b.        You don’t have to buy articles that are broken.
c.         In this section you will only find broken articles
d.        The shop seller special broken articles

Read the text to answer  questions 17 to 21

          If you are a sports fan, you are sure to know the name Michael Jordan.  He is probably the greatest basketball player the world has ever seen. Although his career as a player is over, his fame will live on for many years to come.
          Michael Jordan certainly looks like a star. He is tall, well-built and handsome, with friendly brown eyes and a wide grin. He always manages to look well-dressed, even in his casual clothes or smart suits.
          His personality, too, is as outstanding as his playing ability. Michael is a very determined person. This has made him a successful basketball star. He has given lots of money and support to charities.
          All in all, Michael Jordan is not only a great athlete, but also a warm, caring person. Is it no wonder that so many boys have dreamed of growing up to be just like him?

17.    The best title for the text is…
a.         a warm, caring person.
b.         Michael Jordan.
c.         a sports fan.
d.         a famous star.
18.    Why is he famous?
a.         He is handsome.
b.         He gives charity.
c.         Sports fans know him.
d.         The author admires him.
19.    What is the main idea of the third paragraph?
a.         Michael Jordan is handsome.
b.         Everyone dreams to be Michael Jordan.
c.         His playing ability is great.
d.         Michael Jordan has great personality.
20.    The word outstanding in “His personality, too, is as outstanding as his playing ability” means…
a.         great.
b.         warm.
c.         famous.
d.         determined.
21.    The text indicates that the writer is…
a.         Michael Jordan’s son.
b.         Michael Jordan’s fan.
c.         Michael Jordan’s coach.
d.         Michael Jordan himself.

Read the text to answer  questions 22 to 25

          Rafflesia can be found in the forests of Malaysia, Southern Thailand, Sumatra and Java. But, Rafflesia flowers are fairly hard to locate. It is especially difficult to see them in bloom. Its buds take up to 10 months to develop while its blossom lasts for just a few days.
          Rafflesia has brownish, scale like leaves and fleshy, smelling flowers of various sizes, from few inches to meter big in diameter. We usually noticeits large fleshy flowers. There is a deep well in the centre of the flowers. The sexual organs are located beneath the rim of the disk. Male and female flowers are separate.
          The reddish brown colors of the petals, sprinkled with white freckles produce unpleasant stench, similar to rotting flesh. This would attract flies and insects which help disperse the seeds. Rafflesia isparasite, which means it takes the nutrient out of itshost.
22.    The text mainly describes… of Rafflesia
a.         the location
b.         the petals
c.         the sexual organs
d.         physical look
23.    It is hard to find Rafflesia because of its…
a.         location.
b.         short life.
c.         large size.
d.         smell.
24.    What is the unpleasant smell for?
a.         People repellent
b.         Attracting insects
c.         Attracting host
d.         Protection
25.    The word ‘notice’ in  paragraph 2 means…
a.         smell.
b.         see.
c.         find.
d.         locate.
Read the textto answer  questions 26 to 30
Cooking and microorganisms
(We learnt that yeast is a fungus and that it is a microorganism)

Today we made Pita bread. We used yeast and flour to make it. We made the dough and then needed to knead it until it’s smooth and flat. I moulded and made it to a love-heart shape. Then we cooked it under the grill for several minutes so it’s perfectly cooked. I think my Pita bread is going to be delicious.

By Putri 3/4 E.

26.    The text above is about….
a.         How to make pita bread
b.         Making fungus and bread
c.         A cooking class demonstration
d.         A biology lesson
27.    Who is probably Putri?
a.         A cook
b.         A student
c.         A teacher
d.         A school principal
28.    “It” in “I moulded and made it” refers to…
a.         flour.
b.         shape.
c.         dough.
d.         pita.
29.    How did Putri feel about her Pita?
a.              Happy
b.             Sad
c.              Flat
d.             Confused
30.    The synonym of “knead” in “..needed to knead it…” is…
a.              mould.
b.             make.
c.              use.
d.             cook.
Read the text to answer  questions 31 to 36

          Last autumn I was in India during Diwali, the “Festival of Lights” which takes place every year to celebrate the victory of good over evil. This festival lasts for five days and is held at the end of October or in the first week of November.
          Preparations began weeks before the event. People cleaned their homes and painted wonderful designs called rangolis on the walls and floors. They bought beautiful new clothes and jewelry to wear during the festival. Women made delicious sweets which were better than any others I have ever tasted.
          During the five days of Diwali, every home and temple was decorated, inside and outside, with lovely clay lamps and colourful candles. After dark, the whole neighbourhood glittered with thousands of tiny lights, as though in a fairy tale. Excited children set off firecrackers, and at first I was frightened by the loud bangs, but the spectacular display was so fascinating that I soon joined in the spirit of celebration.
          Diwali is a deeply moving festival. I am very grateful I had the chance to share in this celebration of peace and harmony. I have fond memories of the experience, and in particular I will never forget how friendly and generous people were.

31.    What is Diwali?
a.         Celebration
b.         Wonderful designs
c.         Festival of Lights
d.         Home and temple in India
32.    The main idea of paragraph 3is…
a.         The preparations for Diwali was very long.
b.         Diwali was celebrated everywhere.
c.         The writer was very happy with Diwali.
d.         During Diwali, houses were decorated with lamps and candles.
33.    When is Diwali held?
a.         In Autumn
b.         Every year
c.         First week of November
d.         End of October
34.    What did the kids do during the celebration?
a.         Buying new clothes
b.         Setting off firecrackers
c.         Painting their homes
d.         Lighting the lights
35.    From the text we know that …
a.         Diwali was a fairy tale.
b.         the writer were afraid of the festival.
c.         all ages joined the celebration.
d.         Diwali was an ordinary festival.
36.    The writer feels that Diwali is a…festival.
a.         frightening
b.         peaceful
c.         fascinating
            d.     moving 

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